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  • Yes exchange because of dead pixels

    8 50.00%
  • Don't exchange, accept the dead pixels

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  • Yes exchange because of Screen Scratches

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  • Don't exchange, accept the Screen Scratches

    1 6.25%
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  • Don't exchange, accept the Wireless issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by temperamentalman View Post
    LOL...on day 45...go exchange your Pre. Let us know what happens.
    Quote Originally Posted by mcnutty View Post
    If the bubble could be seen as "physical abuse", then a claim through Asurion might be required (along with $100 deductible). Otherwise, if the phone is defective, then you should be able to exchange it.

    Sprint does honor the manufacturer warranty (not physical damage or liquid damage) which is one year where they will repair or replace the phone.
    mcnutty is correct. I bought a NIB Treo Pro off ebay when they first came out. About a month and a half after owning it, the device just went crazy and the buttons stopped working etc. I went to Sprint, they checked that I was the only owner of the device (Stored in the memory) and exchanged a new one for free (new box and everything, not refurbished) no questions asked. They said if it was abuse, I would pay the deductible, but "defective units" are covered under a no deductible warranty.
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    As long as you don't physicaly demage your phone you they will replace it, the 30 day is a return deal so you can return any phone within 30 days, but after 30 days they will replace it for free as long as there is no physical demage. They may replace it with a refurbished one though.
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    For the short term all replacements will be new for the simple reason that there hasn't been time to refurbish any. But after the 30 any defective devices my be replaced with refurbished ones. You will only have to pay the $100 deductible if it was your fault that it was damaged; submersed in water, dropped, lost or stolen, run over by car, eaten by the dog, you get the idea.

    I had two moguls on my plan with insurance and they just replaced them with refurbished ones and I didn't have to pay any deductible. One had a bright spots on the screen and the other a bad usb port.
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    What if you drop it and damage it in the first 30 days?
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    unless you have insurance, you're screwed, they don't cover your mistakes.
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    ok, so my Pre has changed my life in the little time i've owned it. How i went so long without a smartphone is beyond me.

    that being said, i'm torn on whether or not to take mine back for a new one.

    my pre does have the white/yellow splotches on the bottom, from heat or whatever, but they are there and they get worse. Is this enough of a reason for a return though? I do stand the chance of getting an even more ef**** up phone.

    if i knew i could take it back and get one with a fixed screen, no chance of the slider getting wobbly, and no battery case creaking i'd do it, but it sounds like i could take it back for this minor issue. any opinions on this?
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    You can take it back and before turning it in inspect the one they are giving as a replacement beforehand. This is what i would do personally. If it's any worse than what you already have then ask to see another.
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    My second one was far worse than my first. The problem is the issues didn't develop until the second day with it. My #3 is a keeper.
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    temperamentalman: did you have the heat/light blob issues? Which box did you get? I've read some stuff about the different boxes. Mine was on day 1 (first in my local sprint store) and was in a solid white box, now i see they have the yellow boxes...

    anyone else know the differences in the boxes and which build is the best so far?
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    I have been having problems with my browser cutting of my internet connection on both wifi and EVDO which has been prevalent in a couple threads. The only fix is a restart and doing this over 5+ times a day has not been very fun. It has happened on my previous Pre and now on my second one, which is a major bummer. Do you guys think I should exchange it for a 3rd one and hope this doesn't occur again or just drop out of it completely? It's kind of hard to use a web based phone when the web doesn't work, but I like this phone a lot when it does. Should I keep hoping for another update that resolves this issue or exchange it out? All your thoughts would be much appreciated.
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    I'm not sure what to say.. Other then expect to be resetting for prob about 3 months.. what does a hardware test come up with on your phone? Worse case you can always return it.. and come back in 3 months when SDK is out and phone has matured a little more.

    Go to Device information then scroll down click on More Info.. then at the top click preferences.. then quick test
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    Well I ran the test when it wasn't working and it gave me a big check mark, so everything ran successfully (according to it). It obviously has a problem but does not recognize it or realize it. So, I'm stuck back at square one.
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    You paid for the phone, if it isn't working you need to return it. I don't know if an update would fix a problem that isn't very common like yours.
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    Has anyone else had their Sprint store tell them they are only allowed one exchange per 30 day period? I want to go in for a second exchange (for phone #3), but I don't know if they'll let me or not. I tried calling Palm directly, but they just told me to go through Sprint.

    Will Sprint give me trouble if I go in and try to do another exchange?
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    I cant see why... phone does not work, why would they challenge the return? do you have insurance? if not it may be a good idea....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Dookie View Post
    Has anyone else had their Sprint store tell them they are only allowed one exchange per 30 day period? I want to go in for a second exchange (for phone #3), but I don't know if they'll let me or not. I tried calling Palm directly, but they just told me to go through Sprint.

    Will Sprint give me trouble if I go in and try to do another exchange?
    My (independently owned) Sprint store told me the same thing. That's annoying, but if necessary you can just return it for a refund and buy another.
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    My wife and I both got a Pre almost 2 weeks ago. They are both working good other than the battery life on mine seems to not last as long as hers. Comparing the 2 phones side by side, they both have the same signal - it usually stays around 1-2 bars on EV. We can take them both off of the charger at 8am and she uses hers for texting and talking a little more than I use mine throughout the day. By 12pm mine is at around 70% after only using it to send 5 or so texts and for a 10 minute call. Hers is still at around 85-90 after sending 10+texts and about 20 minutes of talking.
    By 6pm when I get off of work, my battery is down to approx 30-35% on days when I don't seem to use it much more in the afternoon, while she uses hers to talk for close to an hour and sends a lot more texts when she gets off of work before I get home and her battery is still usually around 65-70%.
    The only thing different between our phones is that I have my gmail set up to receive as items arrive in my mailbox, whie she does not have email set up on her phone. Her GPS is set on and she leaves her bluetooth on all day though, while mine are both turned off.
    Based on this comparison, it seems like my battery should be a lot better. Everything else works great with both phones and overall we really enjoy this phone. Should I try to exchange my phone and risk getting one with more serious problems or just get an extra battery. I have had multiple Windows Mobile phones through the years so compared to them this phone is great in terms of battery life.
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    I am in the same boat as you are, but my battery is down to about 10% by 5pm. I am also thinking about exchanging the phone for a new one(my screen wobbles pretty good). I think I would try and see if they will replace the battery instead of the entire phone.
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    My GPS is always off, and my gmail is set to "as it arrives." My battery life is closer to yours. If I talk on the phone and do anything with GPS, I'll be getting low by 6pm.

    So usually I'm just sending txts and doing some light web surfing when I'm away from my desk. Maybe I should roll the dice and try to get a battery more similar to your wife's.
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    Was your phone a black box or yellow box phone? What is the warranty date on it? (go to the phone dialer and just enter ##786# and after a few secs it will spit out a list with all sorts of info, including that date).

    It is a bit like playing the lottery, you're trying to get that perfect Pre. Mine was plagued with the blotchy screen issue and a shake slider mechanism, and it was a black box phone with 5/30 date. My new one is yellow box, 6/12, and much better in every way. Maybe I got lucky? It's a gamble!
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