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    The manager from my local Sprint store e-mailed me a few more tips. Not as extensive as the first group he sent in THIS POST, but it might answer some questions:

    How do you hang-up one person when you have two lines connected, and how do you Conference someone in?

    Situation 1: On a call, another call comes in:
    • You answer the second call and now you have 2 callers. The 1st caller is now on Hold.
    • Notice the button with Arrows pointing left and right on the call that is on-hold? That’s the Swap button
    • Press the Swap button to switch callers.
    • Notice the Red “End All Calls” - this ends all calls, that right “All” calls.
    • If the caller on hold did not hang up, the Sprint Backend will ring that call back to your phone.
    • If the caller on hold was a Sprint network number, the Caller ID will show who is ringing back, otherwise it will be an “Unknown Number”, answer it and the other person had no clue you just hung up on them
    • Limitations of the System prevent showing a caller on hold hanging up. If they hang up while you are talking with caller 2, when you return to caller 1 you will hear a short dial tone, swap again, a busy tone, swap again back to the caller still on the line.. This behavior is similar to Flashing on a land line.

    Situation 2: on a call, want to add someone else to the call
    • Tap the Add Call button in the lower right.
    • dial / search / or use call log for the number.
    • Once connected you will see a Blue Arrow that looks like a Road sign Merge symbol, press this to Conference line 2 in.
    • This Merges the call into 1 call again.

    Don’t like the default color (like pink) of the Calendar the Pre Assigned during setup?
    To Change the Color of a Calendar:
    1. Launch the Calendar
    2. Tap the Calendar Menu in the Upper Left
    3. Tap Preferences & Accounts
    4. Scroll Down to ACCOUNTS
    5. Tap the Account the Calendar resides in, Example Exchange or Google
    6. Tap the Color to change it!

    If there is more than one calendar, you will see each listed. Notice Display in “All Calendars” View, here you can Switch Off that calendar from displaying in “All” view.
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    Cool, was wondering about the call info.
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    hi tommy - is there a way to change the dial pad color of the phone app? I remember seeing it as being blue (unless those were just the way the pictures came out) in some of the pics before launch.
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    Good info
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