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Judging from the reviews AFTER the release, and comments from early adopters, I have no reason to think a lot of Pre's won't be returned within the first 30 days, just like the Storms were.
I have to disagree w/you here. I'm not sure how you define a "lot," so that may make a difference. I used a co-worker's Storm just after he received it. He didn't like it & neither did I for NUMEROUS reasons.

I do not have that feel or any similar problems that we had w/his Storm. Not even close.

Is the Pre perfect? Of course not. I guess iPhone 1.0 had no problems or complaints upon release either. Oh--I forgot--it did.

Multi-Tasking, notification method, real keyboard, updates happening live, etc. I could go on, but there is no need. Will some Pre's be returned? Sure. BUT since you said you "have no reason to think a lot of Pre's won't be returned,"--disregarding the double negative, I just provided you w/four reasons.