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    The all esentially the same phone. My keyboard locks like the supposedly new ones.I have no Light Leak, no Stuck pixels and I know people who just got them today who do,. Its just luck of the draw. You can return a phone with one issue and get a phone with 4 issues. People who purchased the PRE just today are having issues just like someone who purchased it on Day one. If your phone "works" dont risk returning it for one that you think might have a tighter keeyboard. You may wind up with a phone with a tight keyboard and 4 other complaints.
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    I have a black box pre, besides some screen blotches which have almost dissapeared and once in a while the slider mechanism causing the phone to reset nothing else is wrong.
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    @Big Dookie - they will do "nothing at all", just improve the process. Most of the 50-100K that were sold are not on Precentral or Sprintusers or, etc. So there are a handful of us that now might not like ours as well because others are having problems (not saying that some here are more than justified in exchanging). I am one of those who really has a good unit (mfg'ed 5/10) - battery is doing well, screen is perfect, slider feels good, reception seems as good as my other Sprint phones. However, as I read these forums, I start to believe that maybe mine could be MORE perfect. Maybe my slider should only move 1/32" instead of 1/16".

    My point is that unless the kb is just falling off or 10%+ start getting cracked screens for no apparent reason, they will just continue to move forward and exchange the 1% or so that need them or think they do.

    VaccPalm - you are correct sir. This reminds me a lot of the Storm release which I followed because I tried one out for a few weeks. People were exchanging those right and left due to real or perceived screen issues, microphone issues, etc. and many would get one that had the same or different problems.
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    Well, I hardly doubt they'll do anything about the stuck pixels (as far as "recall") When I had to take my iPhone 3G in when the ear speaker stopped working, they swapped it only to give me one with a stuck pixel... I inspected it right there and went through two more before getting one that did not have any, much to the chagrin of the Apple Genius. In short, anything with an LCD screen runs a high chance of having a stuck or dead pixel...

    I'm not sure what could be said about the slider click, or keyboard. I can't imagine they would have revamped the manufacturing process within a month, but I don't know. Mine *seems* fine.

    Also, mine got pretty warm when using Sprint Navigation. It also got warm on a 45 minute call... Hot? no, but warm. My iPhone would get warm sometimes too though... :-/

    That said, I'm not too worried as major issues like these should be covered under normal 1-year warranty, right? Not sure about Sprint, but with Apple, you just say, "this things gets too hot all the time!" and they'd swap it out for you... I'm willing to give Sprint the benefit of the doubt that they'd do the same thing. If not, I'm going back to T-Mobile. Even if they don't have a cool phone. (Please no G1 remarks)
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    This was the same thing as the 800W. A week after they came out people were saying they had "Newer" ones with better battery life. New Updates etc. i was one of the fools who exchanged my good 800W ( only issue was weak battery) and got a new one . Well this new one had heat probelms , 1 stuck pixel. I learned my lesson. As long as my device is working up to standards I dont care about how someone elses phone is 5 degrees cooler or i bar more reception.
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    05/21 production and mine seems flawless, only battery is not a power user full day get ya thru but my screen is great, not wobbley, no gaps so im not taking a chance at returning to get a buggy one, unless some one can prove to me that the new ones have better build/hardware inside im staying put
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    The only issues mine has is the blotchyness that shows up after some time of use. Easiest to see when playing YouTube videos and after some browsing the web.

    I was thinking of exchanging it, but I am having second thoughts now. My buddy is supposed to get his Pre today, so I am going to have to look what box it came in and what problems it has.

    If my Sprint store starts to consistently bring in yellow boxed Pres, I might just risk it.

    When my buddy ordered his yesterday, they said there were only 216 left in the system at that moment in time.
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    I have 2 of the black box Pre's. neither are having any problems. Battery life has improved throughout the week on mine. I've been using the battery saving tips. My wife hasn't been doing the power saving suggestions and her battery life is less even though I use my Pre a lot more. I'm not going to return either at this point.
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    FWIW; My box is totally white on the sides. No problems with it so far. 05/15 (I think) manu. fac. date.
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    not to revive an older thread, but can we confirm (by reading this thread in its entirety) that some pre's in the "black/flower box" have a more recent manufacturing date than certain pre's in the "yellow/sunset box", and visa versa, therefor it's not necessarily the box which determines the various hardware issues but the manufacturing date?

    I have a black box/flower pre (05/26/2009 warranty date code) and I have a firm. spring loaded keyboard, no dead pixles, and fair reception (a little worse than my 700p).
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    I decided to go back and research this a bit too, and I honestly feel like people are making more of this than what is the case. The yellow box is not different hardware, but just to signify that they have the 1.0.2 update. My warranty date is 5.28 and it was in the black box. No problems with it at all.
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