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    Is there anyone else out there having trouble transfering Outlook 2003 data to the Pre via USB?

    I've spent hours on the phone with Palm and they can't get the transfer to work. At first their Transfer Assistant Software wouldn't give me Outlook as the data source. Instead, it tried to tap out Palm Desktop. But that app is empty. I downloaded it, but Palm can't tell me how to get the Outlook data into Desktop. So, Transfer Assistant tells me the connection works, but there's nothing to transfer.

    Palm customer service tried to get me to change my Outlook profile (which I did), but now the Transfer Assistant refuses launch. It gives the error "The system can not find the specified file."

    Palm says they're going to call me back. Hopefully soon. I've got a killer phone, but there's no contact or calendar data on it.


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    maybe it is time to move to the cloud
    Palm Treo 755p
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    I don't have a Pre so I cannot help you. But a work around would be to sync Outlook to Google and then it should "Synergize" to your Pre. Check out: | GO Contact Sync - synchronize your contacts between Microsoft Outlook and Google Mail --> Great contact Sync Utility --> Google to Outlook Sync

    If you run into a problem with one/both of these utilities you may discover a local PC/Outlook issue. Good luck getting it resolved.

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