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    Could someone open the Amazon MP3 store, choose "New releases", and try to scroll up and down list quickly (you can wait until after everything finishes loading)?

    On my Pre, this is the best example of the scrolling stuttering and moving slow. I also see a good amount of slow down on the phonebook in the Phone application and to a lesser extent, scrolling through my email. I was curious if this is how everyone else's Pres work as well. If not, then it seems like I need a replacement or something. If so, then I'm a little disappointed that the scrolling can't be smoother for such a new phone, but at least I know nothing is wrong with mine.
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    It certainly doesn't scroll as smooth as other apps.
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    I get the same thing. All the graphics, perhaps?
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    I appreciate you two taking a look. I'm glad this is "normal" and not my Pre but I have to say this is the thing I'm most disappointed about with the Pre and funny enough, the one thing the iPhone really got right in the first version. Everything scrolled and moved so smoothly and just feels fluid. In the end, this doesn't affect functionality, but I would think this would not be a hard thing to do with such new hardware. Hopefully we'll see improvements down the line, but otherwise, I'm thoroughly enjoying my Pre.

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