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    In case there's anyone trying to sync music with Unbuntu/Linux that doesn't know how, or just Songbird, here's how I finally did it (I may be behind the curve, but whatever).

    So, Christmas 2007, I switched my main PC to a Linux box, because I'm just that type of dude. I couldn't figure out how to sync pTunes, so I never did. When I got my iPod Nov. 2008, I did research, and used Songbird with the ipod plugin.

    Forward to this past week, and I want to sync Songbird (or anything on Linux) with my Pre. My attempts to use my Windows boxes in my houses all failed for various reasons, and my primary goal was to sync with Linux. Looking around, I found the FolderSync plugin for Songbird. It sounded like exactly what I needed, so I downloaded it, and tried it out. I ran into some bumps, listed below, but finally got my songs, playlists, and most of my album art synced. Here's my bumps:

    1) Once I downloaded and restarted, I saw absolutely nothing. I looked at the FolderSync page, and they said look at the bottom of the pane, along with some other things. After a while (about 1/2 hours), I found the right thing to click on to show the FolderSync pane.

    2) I went to the Add-On prefs for FolderSync, and clicked m3u playlists, and sync playlists with one button.

    3) After entering all the needed data, and starting the sync process, I ran into a bunch of errors. I tried a few things, but in the end, the result always ended up being that some playlists were not populated. I fixed this finally (it seems) by removing everything out of my destination folder (I called it Music), then syncing again. All of my playlists synced correctly (well with a couple of duplicates, but that's no big deal).

    Just sharing, in case anyone needs help here.

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    Thanks for the post here. I have been using this addon since i read about it here. On windows I did not experience any of the issues you noted.
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    I am syncing mine to Amarok 1.4 over WIFI using SFTP. It works great, except I don't get album artwork unless it's embedded.



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