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    Today I moved my account from a blackberry to the Pre. The Pre activates, I hang up with the CSR once its at the "Create New Profile / Sign Into Profile" menu, figuring i'd take it from there. Now the keyboard doesn't work, no matter what I do. I call sales rep, he suggests removing back cover and taking out battery, I do that, it comes back and now keyboard works but phone is stuck at "Sign in to profile" and I no longer have the option to CREATE a profile, no matter what reset tricks I do.

    So the Pre is stuck in la la land and neither Sprint nor Palm know why, despite trying various things with them.
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    Might i suggest doing a hard can't hurt anymore than anything else you've tried.

    Check out this Engadget video The secret to Palm Pre dev mode lies in the Konami code
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    okay I'm an *****, CSR's and Palm were no help, but I just typed in a bunch of nonsense into the Email address and Password fields, it then said of course it couldn't find the account, but on the next screen I got a "Create New Profile" button after all.

    This process wasn't exactly intuitive, but hopefully it helps someone else that is even slower to attempt trial and error at the "Sign In" screen than I was.

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