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    I got my PRE on Sat morning and have gone back and forth a million times on keeping it or taking it back and sticking with my 755P that I love - only felt I needed/wanted the latest. Someone else tell me they feel the same way.

    I had big time issues with the battery in the beginning but have no complaints about it now. Unplugged it yesterday at about 6:00 PM and have not had it on charge since and it is at 34% now. I've had phone calls - not terribly lenghy but probably about a half dozen or so, done texts, played around for a long time with the different apps. I did close AIM, BT, locator.
    At some point on Sunday my phone got hung up and I couldn't do anything. As a last resort I took the battery out and all was okay again. I'm wondering (as someone else mentioned) if taking the battery out reset something that fixed some glitch that caused the battery to drain so quickly.

    I must have closed too much because now I am not getting my email. My main account is Yahoo and I don't have it turned off - it's turned to receive as they come in. I've checked on my laptop and there were about 10 emails today and I've gotten none on the Pre. Can someone tell me where to look?

    Where do I go to on the laptop/desktop to find the Calendar that syncs with my Pre. I have used the Palm desktop for years (and miss so many things about it). I was thrilled that everything from my desktop (back to 2004) transferred over to the Pre. But now I don't know where to look on the desktop to see where the Google calendar is. Anyone able to help me with that?

    I had problems with the camera too but that seems (fingers crossed) okay now. Sometimes I would open it and it worked fine and then the next time I opened it all I could do was look at the camera icon on the screen. Anyone else have that problem.

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    Google Calendar is only online, so you won't be able to work with your calendar on your PC unless you are online. There are supposed to be some programs coming out that will connect with Palm Desktop or Outlook and sync your Pre, but they cost extra. I returned my Pre today and went back to my Treo 650 because the Pre was such a disappointment to me. I was expecting a new and modernized Treo, but found that doesn't describe the Pre.

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