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  1. jerseyx2002
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    Does anyone know how to turn off the email and message sound while you're on a call? You understand what I mean? When i'm on a call and I get an email/message and I get that loud tone in my ear. THAT!!! Is there a way to make the sound/vibrate only when not on a call, and when on a call, it just pops up the little email/message icon so you know when you're done?
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    Yea, it is annoying. People on the other end keep asking me what that sound was.
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  3. jerseyx2002
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    #3 i'm not the only one. Someone please help.
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    The only workaround I can do, which I don't want it to be a solution, is to turn on the mute switch after I take a call.
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    Turn off system sounds?
  6. jerseyx2002
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    Yeah you can turn off the system sounds but then it doesn't make a sound at all. Thats not what I want. Just want no sound during a call. Not to much to ask right?
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    Agree with OP - I was using the headset and that sound about scared the chit out of me it was so dang loud
  8. jerseyx2002
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    Bump to hopefully get an answer.
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    Yeah, would be nice to have the option to disable audible alerts during a call.

    Hopefully this could be added on palm's to do list.
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    Yeah it hurts my ears.
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    add me to the list. This is a pain.
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    I'm chiming in on this thread. I'll try the ringer switch for now and see if that works. I'll prob still get the vibrate but that's better than that DING in my ear while talking.

    I personally can't wait for a 3rd party Power Manager like was on the G1. Apps hurry up!

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