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    Anyone else having issues updating their preferred roaming list?

    Try this:
    Phone -> Sprint (top left) -> Preferences -> (Scroll to bottom) Update PRL

    The Pre then displays a reloading wheel that never finishes and a cancel option. I've let the update go for a while but have never seen it finish and always cancel or close the card. Has anyone been able to properly update their PRL?

    [edit: RESOLVED - phone eventually finished checking for PRL updates after many, many attempts and informed me none are available]

    ~ Brett
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    just tried...said no update available... 60652 is my current in Austin...might chk with Cust Svc...usually a provisioning prob when PRL won't least it was with my Instinct...
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    I try to update the PRL and it comes back, after a brief search,

    "To use phone airplane mode must be disabled"

    I gues I'll take it into Sprint and have them check provisioning. Whatever that is. Could this be part of the problem if a user has poor signal/reception? How can I update provisioning?

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    72Guy, my phone kept putting itself into Airplane mode yesterday when I was updating my PRL settings. I'l try again today but it was really frustrating me yesterday. I'm glad to hear of someone else having the same issue. (It means I wasn't crazy!)
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    I was having signal issues and called my local store. She updated something in my account and told me to dial *2 from my phone. When I called, it said there was a profile update available, and it downloaded to my phone.

    According to the store this was the update for my PRL and Profile.
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    Does anyone know how to correct this issue? I am getting the same airplane message...
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    Same here with the airplane mode message even when it is not on.
    When your phone has an update button available to do such, I dont see the reason to call in to flag for an update. Defeats its very purpose.
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    FailURE. Fail-ure. Failure. Fail is a verb. Failure is a noun.
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    I could never get it to work again after the first few days. A two hour call to Sprint left me with a full reset on the phone which wiped my media and did not solve the problem. On the third call to Sprint, the tech "specialist" said he switched my account to automatic prl update. He also said I could dial: *2(enter myphonenumber)# to get it done manually. I will check the next time I go out of town.
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    Just checked and I'm getting the same problem. Interesting.
    Treo 600 > Treo 650 > HTC Mogul (*****!) > HTC Touch Pro (***** squared!) > PRE! > Epic
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    I'm now getting the airplane mode message now too...

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    I've also noticed this (PRL update/airplane mode) problem for the last few days and have been shuffled around the customer service departments.

    When I was forwarded to the Pre "specialists" (after hours of fruitless troubleshooting) they had me full-reset my phone which resulted in the same media wipe and non-fix that Bluenote mentioned.

    On my next call I overheard my CSR's supervisor say "I've never heard of this problem before. It shouldn't do that... Give him a new one."

    So, now I'm on a wait list at my local BestBuy to get a replacement...

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