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    I am a current BB Pearl owner (bleh) who is off contract with Sprint and ready to make my next purchase: either the Pre or the iPhone 3GS. Help me make that decision...PLEASE!

    Spoiler: I really am looking for reasons to get the Pre and not feel like I missed out on something, so tell me...what are all of the reasons to choose a Pre?

    Here's what I have so far...

    + Buy the Pre:

    1. Sprint service is fairly priced (AT$T's pricing blows).
    2. MMS messages *now* with Pre (ATT maybe later this summer with iPhone).
    3. Small, rounded, stone-like. Nice.
    4. Physical keyboard (touch screen keyboard to come?).
    5. Not an iPhone.
    6. Cards and multitasking with WebOS.
    7. WebOS potential? (been loving the code diving excitement here)
    8. Sprint breaks that "change in material conditions" clause in their contracts a couple times a year that makes it possible to get out of their contract for free.

    - Don't buy the Pre (wait to see what happens or get the iPhone 3GS):

    1. Very few Pre apps now (more to come soon?). 40,000+ apps for iPhone.
    2. New voice activation for iPhone.
    3. iPhone is on GSM, so can use it overseas.
    4. iPhone offers twice the memory of Pre for same price (service more tho).
    5. iPhone can record video and has video editing, auto focus on camera (no flash tho).
    6. New smudge free coating on iPhone?
    7. Nice, zippy GUI of 3GS.

    Have anything to add?
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    I switched for plan pricing, physical keyboard and looks. Come to find out that the pre is a better all around phone with faster processing. Love the multitasking. I also switched because we have a second home in the mountains, and only Verizon and Sprint get signal at our house there. I needed a phone with signal and iPhone got nothing, at all. We're only there a few times a month, so didn't want to get a home phone. This is perfect.
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    I'm in a similar boat. I had the pearl since day one of release on tmobile years ago. I've waited through Iphone, Iphone 3G, android, etc. I've been waiting for just the right phone.

    The pre seemed to be it.

    I've now had it since saturday morning and I can say...there is a lot of plus and minus.

    I am currently thinking about returning it for the new iphone. to me it comes down to hardware vs. software.

    The pre wins the software battle every single time. using gestures and cards is so intuitive and productive. Applications are more attractive and make use of the avialable screen better.

    The iphone wins in a landslide with hardware. The pre, while a beatiful asthetic, is not as well made. Screens are breaking, battery life is horrible, the micro SD cover is a joke. Iphone has way more memory which is nice if you travel a lot, you can have all sorts of movies and music (limited on the pre).

    Im not sure what i'm going to do. I just have a feeling that webOS is so much better than OSX for the iphone, but that it will take a new hardware for it to really be the "king".
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    Quote Originally Posted by GrantMeThePower View Post
    Im not sure what i'm going to do. I just have a feeling that webOS is so much better than OSX for the iphone,
    Not really. Some parts of the UI are nicer and the task switcher is awesome but they both run Unix clone operatign systems and both have a Webkit HTML rendering engine which will support HTML5. The iPhone SDK is much more advanced than the current WebOS SDK even if they won't let you run your tasks in the background.
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    I've owned the iPhone since the first generation and exclusively use Mac software/hardware. I am a mac "fanboy" but I switched to the Pre.

    First of all, these are unfair comparisons. The iPhone is more of a media mobile phone than the Pre. It has a larger screen and an integrated iPod.

    I believe the Pre is a more efficient phone that behaves more like a computer.

    For instance, with pre's keyboard and Synergy, basic functions like dialing or texting someone requires less navigation. If your Pre is locked, simply slide out the keyboard and type in a couple letters of the person you want to reach.

    However, I cannot stress how important Multitasking is for a mobile phone. Something as simple as keeping a webpage open to view later was impossible on my iPhone. I'd click a link that sent me to Google maps only to return to Safari to reload the entire website. Or perhaps you're doing something simple that requires a calculator and google tasks. On the iPhone, I enjoyed streaming my local NPR station. Unfortunately, I couldnt do ANYTHING else without closing the app.

    So I briefly covered Efficiency, Multitasking and Shape. The last quality that caused me to switch was pricing and ATT service. ATT charges me $30 for data without texting. My wife and I are getting the family plan which is $129/month 1500 min + everything data plan, that comes to an incredible $65 before taxes!!

    I was also very happy to find out voice quality is better on Sprint's EVDO. ATT's 3G is clogged in my opinion. I would be in downtown DC with 4 3G bars and unable to use Safari.

    Wow...I absolutely love Apple products, but for me, the Pre is the superior phone, and Sprint is the superior company.
    Another huge complaint was the iPhone's shape. Apple has amazing designers but failed when designing the iPhone. It simply wasn't made for making calls. It got very uncomfortable using the iPhone for calls because of its flat shape. The Pre is amazingly comfortable against my ear. It's also a lot smaller and a lot more pocketable than the iPhone. The iPhone was also difficult to manipulate with one hand. I dont think enough has been written about the Pre's form factor, it is stunningly beautiful.
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    AT&T drove me to the pre. Sprints service is just fast I get to roam on vz, and pre will be iphone like soon enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ADGrant View Post
    Not really. Some parts of the UI are nicer and the task switcher is awesome but they both run Unix clone operatign systems and both have a Webkit HTML rendering engine which will support HTML5. The iPhone SDK is much more advanced than the current WebOS SDK even if they won't let you run your tasks in the background.
    I'm wondering why, on the iPhone, some websites that I frequent always default to the mobile site, while on the Pre, I always get the full site?
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    Quote Originally Posted by fitzla View Post
    I'm wondering why, on the iPhone, some websites that I frequent always default to the mobile site, while on the Pre, I always get the full site?
    its likely those sites detect the user agent of the browser and can guess that you have an iphone, and thus give you iphone specific content
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    Quote Originally Posted by fitzla View Post
    I'm wondering why, on the iPhone, some websites that I frequent always default to the mobile site, while on the Pre, I always get the full site?
    Its because the website recognises the iPhone's browser but not the Pre's.
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    Pricing, network speed and reliability and the physical keyboard is what brought me over. A virtual keyboard isn't really ALL that. I'll take my normal one thanks!
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    I switched from the Iphone 3g to the Pre. Im still debating if I will keep the Pre, not because I miss the iphone (I do miss the larger screen for videos though) but because Im still testing out the battery life and also hoping the signal strength will stop jumping so much. The main reasons I got the Pre and switched to sprint were:

    1) Pricing - AT&T's iphone monthly service price is ridiculous I was paying $100 a month for 900 anytime minutes, unlimited datat and text and that was wiith a 15% company discount. On top of that I couldnt even send MMS. So sprints simply everything plan looked very good for a long time and the pre is what ultimately made me switch.

    2) Multitasking - Honestly Im not the most hardcore phone user to the point where I need to be able to tweak everything or run tons of programs (I had the windows mobile - htc touch pro before the Iphone. I couldnt stand windows mobile because I had to spend hours upon hours tweaking and tinkering just to get the thing to work the way i wanted it to. And I dont mean simply turning certain options on and off, I mean installing roms etc. thats not my cup of tea, but some love that.) But back to multitasking, I dont need to run 30 or even 15 programs at the same time but using the iphone became annoying when using things like AIM. Whenever I was on AIM and would get a text message, I would have to either ignore the text message and continue with AIM or sign off Aim and respond to the text message. Thats just one example.

    3) Iphone was lacking some serious options. For example email signature. On the iphone, the email signature you set is effective for every email account you have on your iphone. I have 2 work email accounts and 2 personal email accounts and I do not want all of them to have the same signature. This is just a small example but overall the iphone lacks some neccessary options for me. I must admit Pre lacks some options too but im hoping those will be addressed but I just felt Apple was unwilling to listen to their customers and address known problems like MMS. They are on version 3.0 of their OS and still not going to have MMS until end of summer. I know...Im venting but good god.

    These are the main reason I decided to give the Pre a try. The reasons are probably related to AT&T more than anything. I have had the pre since launch day and I love it. If they can address the battery issue quickly and hopefully somehow tighten up the fluctuation of the signal that I get in my house, I will absouletly be keeping the pre and sticking with sprint.

    I have had the iphone 3g for nearly a year and have had the Pre since launch, if you have any specific questions just let me know.
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    I have both....3g iphone running 3.0

    iphone feels like a concrete block in my hand now....its too dang big

    new 3.0 software searches EMAILS and has real cut and paste....

    please please palm dont take 2 years like apple did to implement this two basic features...

    did i say that the iphone is huge...its XBOX huge...its like PS3 huge compared to the pre...

    i love the size of the Pre
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    Thanks. This confirms my thoughts about the form factor and multi-tasking issues. I could never see myself getting something taller than my 700p. Now, if I had a purse, but for guys pocketable can be a big deal.
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    I'm in the same boat. I was off contract with Sprint, using a Treo 755p, which I have had since they first came on scene. I went round and round between iPhone and Pre, before finally getting a Pre on Saturday. Since then I have been going round and round with whether to keep it. Here are a few of my thoughts.

    The biggest reason I had for getting the Pre over the My son got his iPhone a month ago. It feel off his coffee table, less than two feet to a wood floor, and shattered the glass screen! No insurance available through AT& it cost him $199.99 to replace it with a refurbished unit (when he had bought it new just a few days prior!). That was a big turnoff for me. Sure there is outside insurance you can get, but it has deductibles too and is pretty pricey.

    I really like that there are so many apps available for the iPhone. I just hope the Pre starts getting them in soon.

    iPhone does feel sturdier in my hand than the Pre, however it feels a lot bigger to me as well. I have small hands. The Pre is a great fit for mine.

    Keyboard...I actually don't mind the keyboard on either phone, probably because of my small hands. Although I did have to get my nails cut down quite a bit to handle the Pre keyboard when I got my manicure this weekend. It's cool though, they were getting too long to keep up and manicured on a bi-weekly basis. With shorter nails I think I can go longer between manicures. know I didn't think this would be a deal breaker one way or the other for me and I didn't care much about it, but I gotta tell you, after just several days with the Pre, I am in love with it. That is what makes it hard for me to consider giving up this OS, even with the minors bugs I've encountered.

    Battery...real world tests between my sons iPhone and the Pre show the battery is about the same, however his iPhone is just 3G, not the new 3Gs, obviously. I hope Palm addresses battery issues before iPhone comes out with their new phone.'s costing me a lot less on Sprint than a similar plan would on AT&T. Big factor there.

    I love the push email and instant notifications I get now. Didn't know what I was missing there. As a matter of fact, with my phone sitting next to my computer, with my email app open, the phone usually notifies me of new email BEFORE the computer does!

    Still haven't totally decided which way to go, but Pre is winning the battle on this day by a slight margin.
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    I had an iPhone for 2 years before switching to the Pre.

    Read my in-depth review HERE
    Developer of:

    Discuss my apps in my developer forum
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    Tremendous review. Thanks!
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    OK so those of you who switched from the iPhone to the Pre, how are you going to sync with ical? I want to do this also but don't know if it can be done. Help!!!!!
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    I never had an Iphone but I have been using a BB Curve for the last year-ish and a Treo 700wx before that and I use an Ipod touch 32gb for my main media player.

    Before buying the Pre, I was worried about "what in the world am I going to need to multitask for?" I guess since I never really had it (BB's multitask but very crappily), I didn't know what I was missing. Now I find myself using the crap out of it and I couldn't go back...

    Just today, I looked up a store's website the wife and I wanted to visit and was easily able to switch back and forth between the website and GPS app to look up the address, enter it into the telenav system and viola....on my way! Multitasking really is more useful than you might think.

    If you are like me, it seems like it is hard to come up with reasons necessary to multitask on a phone until you can actually do it well....then it gets difficult to find reasons you wouldn't need it
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    I went from my iPhone to a Pre and I do not regret it at all. I had my iPhone for 2 years and my wife wanted the Pre more than she's wanted anything lol. So a new phone + cheaper monthly rates I said why not. At first I was really frustrated.
    A. Because we got to the sprint store at 5am and
    B. I didn't like gestures (at first). I wanted to just click something and go back. After 2 days of use I turned my iPhone back on to see if anyone had texted me on it and not gotten my new number and realized I was doing gestures trying to get around lol. I now looooove gestures and I now hate using my iPhone. It feels dated.

    I love how everything on the pre is so smooth and flows so well. I love how aim/gmail and sms are all integrated with eachother. I love having my Gmail contacts and calandar automatically updated on my phone. Multiple Cards is great as well. The notification feature is great and not intrusive at all. The bookmarks "Speed Dial" page is great and really convenient. Over The Air updates are also awesome. Plus you're not limited to having to update your music library on only your computer, you can hook up to anyones add music/videos/pictures and be on your way. You're completely free.

    As far as the "lack of apps" debate, who really used more than 9 or 10 of those apps all the time? Some were nice to have, but I never used them. Plus give it a month or two and there will be a ton of apps available. I completely believe palm had to hit the ground running with this phone, and they nailed the landing and took off . If you're even thinking about getting the Palm Pre, just do it. You won't regret it.
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    Terrific review! Very helpful--thanks!

    I think I'm sold on the Pre now. The point in KEV1000000's review (linked above) about how you use the phone--mainly as a gaming/media device (iPhone) or for EVERYTHING (Pre)--really helped put the strengths and minuses in perspective for me. That, and not having to pay up the *** for AT$T service.

    Thanks for all of your help, everyone!
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