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    real simple. a real keyboard!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GrantMeThePower View Post
    Screens are breaking, battery life is horrible, the micro SD cover is a joke. Iphone has way more memory which is nice if you travel a lot, you can have all sorts of movies and music (limited on the pre).
    Im sorry I missed the micro SD cover and where the micro SD goes??
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    Hmm I believe he means "micro USB cover" there isn't a micro SD slot.
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    I know
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    I had the iPhone since day one, then switched to the 3G I bought off Craigslist.
    At the time the iPhone was the best device I had ever owned and I still think it's a FANTASTIC device, however something was always missing.

    The software keyboard didn't do it for me, I wanted stereo bluetooth and multitasking.
    Plus I always wanted a way to merge all my contacts and stuff before I even heard of Synergy.

    I saw the Pre videos back at the beginning of the year and thought that might be it, the more I followed the Pre the more I was sure that was it.
    Then I played with my friend's Pre after she got it on Saturday and there was no doubt left.

    I got my Pre on Monday and since then I used my other friend's iPhone a few times and don't think I could ever go back.

    Things I like better about the Pre:
    • Form factor, as crazy as this sounds the iPhone feels somewhat bulky to me now
    • Hardware keyboard - I'm sorry, I LOVE the pre keyboard
    • Synergy
    • Multitasking
    • The OS
    • Stereo Bluetooth, although the iPhone will be getting this in a week or two with the 3.0 upgrade.
    • No GSM buzz.. seriously this was one thing I HATED about GSM.

    Again I'm in no way bashing the iPhone, I really do think it's the 2nd best device out there, but for me the Pre has definitely taken first place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by showson1 View Post
    • No GSM buzz.. seriously this was one thing I HATED about GSM.

    If you have 3G coverage you don't have the buzz.
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    This is from a guy with no PC. I own two MacBook Pros, one MacPro and a Mac Air plus a 2nd and 3rd gen iPhone.

    I prefer Pre and cancelled my ATT account for these reasons mainly:

    On Pre:
    Alarm app will play a full mp3
    TV over 3G
    Notification system: iPhone implementation does not work right imo (explanation below)
    No more ATT BS
    Form factor (even though I have had iPhone since release I have never loved the look of it.)

    iPhone Reminder and Notification System: Even with OS 3.0 the background notification system is not good on iPhone. For example: phone is in sleep mode and notification comes thru. Power up iPhone and you can read notification dead center of screen in ugly plain text inside a box outline. Slide finger to unlock and message gone and not retrievable. Many times I would slide to unlock without looking at screen and then notice there was a reminder or notification that just disappeared what did it say? What did I just miss? Very poor implementation imo.
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    I've been using iPhone's since they came out, upgraded to the 3g when it came out and just switched to the Pre.

    This is going to focus on the pitfalls of the pre vs the iPhone... I could easily have focused on the iPhones pitfalls, but this is a pre forum. And just before i get flamed. this is all MY OPINION!!!!

    The iPhone is more responsive than the pre in many ways (this is comparing it to the current iPhone 3g, I would compare it to the first gen iPhone but I don't remember how it acted). Opening an application in the pre seems to take a lot longer than it does on the iPhone. I can live with this since with the pre you can keep multiple apps open at a time, but hopefully this will be fixed with future software revisions.

    The pre's touchscreen seems to be as good as the iPhone but one thing I dislike about it is that it is hard to tell when you have "clicked" on something. Example: in the browser if you need to change the address in the iphone a bubble comes up and will show you where you are scrolling, in the pre you have to guess. This will probably be fixed with updates.

    Also an annoyance i have with the pre is that when you mistype it doesn't autocorrect you. I got very used to this with the iPhone, and I miss it!

    If i were to compare the first gen iphone to the pre i believe that the pre would have won this fight hands down, but there are just some bugs/speed issues that need to be fixed with the pre to make it a true contender.


    In this aspect i prefer the iPhone, there's no competition IMHO, it just feels much sturdier. I also preferred the iPhone keyboard over the Pre's. The Pre's key's seem closer together and harder to press. This might just be because I'm so used to the iPhone's keyboard, i think i might get used to the Pre's eventually.

    At the beginning the Pre's battery was worse than the iPhone's but then i remembered to turn down the screen brightness, and now i'd have to say they are about equal.

    Overall -

    I would have to say that the iPhone is the better device currently, but the iPhone has had much more time to develop and update their software. I think that the pre has the potential to be better than the iPhone if the software is updated to fix the quirks.

    The reason i will stick with the Pre is because At&t's service is abysmal in the Wash.DC area and their prices are much higher ANDD because i feel that with time the pre has the potential to be as good/better than the iPhone.
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    I think the keyword with the Pre is potential. There are still a lot of bugs and features that can be worked out with time and updates. Both phones do certain things better, but I have been pleasantly surprised by what the Pre has to offer at launch.
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    Another major improvement I forgot is Pres email app. I can now integrate my two business accounts and personal into one app and easily select from which address I want my new messages sent from. This saves so many screen clicks I was doing on iPhone to go from one account to the other.
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    --> "On Pre: Alarm app will play a full mp3"

    This is so cool! I hadn't heard that yet!! I just ordered my Pre (waitlisted at my local Sprint store). Thanks for all of your input!
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