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    Sprint said in "leaked memos" from the very beginning that the pre would not satiate heavy business users. Remember the "We can't afford to sell this phone to the wrong customers" (paraphrasing)? That's what that entire page of memo was about, the fact that different phones meet different needs. Sprint knew all along that the pre, at least as of now, would not be a business-first device, their documents laid out clearly with a questionnaire whether a person should have a pre or a <insert phone from the brochure here>.

    I wasn't ever expecting the pre to appeal to business-centric users, and I don't think Sprint or Palm was expecting to appeal to those users right now, either. Maybe later, but not yet.

    Anybody have the link to that document from Sprint that clearly laid out how business users need the <insert phone from brochure here> and more casual users need the pre?

    that memo was trying to steer away people who needed heavy IT security integration and it specifically asked that question. The OP is talking about functionality, not security.

    Sprint doc implores reps not to sell Pre to the wrong people
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    Quote Originally Posted by fourply View Post
    never suggested that the touch pro isn't a nice device or that HTC doesn't make some of the most beautiful phones around - but windows mobile is, for me at least, simply not a viable OS anymore. i spent years tweaking this and that (on the TP and mogul before it) to try to get it to simply work as it should, and it never did. no matter what - the phone still crashed randomly, stopped checking my email for no reason, on and on and on with problems. when it worked it worked well, but it didn't work often enough.

    granted, i have had the pre less than a week - but i haven't had to fight with it or reboot it once. it works exactly as it should - something windows mobile never did.
    I found out a few months ago that the only way to keep me happy with the Touch Pro was to install a cooked ROM. Some of the developers/cooks over at are pretty amazing. Battery life increased, usability increased, and the device started performing like it should.

    The size started to annoy me, as well as the continual audio volume issues. The Pre is just a better phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PrinceAlbert View Post

    former HTC Mogul user here, and totally agree with fourply.

    SOOO glad to be off of WinMo.
    HTC Mogul, too. Been through.....4 units in 2 years. They broke down quicker than a Chinese motorcycle and just like a Windows PC, I found that rebooting it at least once a day was the only way to keep problems at bay.

    The Mogul was a good phone, but only becuase I hacked it to death. If it wasn't for the ability to hammer the registry to fix things like the ringer volumes, tethering, increase video camera quality, turn off battery draining processes, fix bluetooth issues, etc; I would have returned it for something else. That being said, I shouldn't have to rewrite the OS to make it usable. Shouldn't it come that way from the factory?

    Was told by my Sprint store today that I should be getting called tomorrow to come pick up my phone. Having played with it in the store for 30 minutes as compated to the HTC Touch Pro, I'm sold on the Pre. I just cannot see the Touch Pro worth 33% more than the Pre's asking price. The Pre certainly seems to be an eye opener and although still unpolished, its on the right road and already seems ahead of WinMo.
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