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    can you guys go to your webOS browser and type in and go to videos. Click a video and tell me if the audio is choppy. I have tried this elsewhere on other sites and the video comes through ok but almost non of the audio does. It worked on my iphone and the pre has the same horsepower right? Is it a codec issue?
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    The Today Show app and Sprint for me both has the audio lagging behind the video. I'm not sure if it's the phone or Sprint's network, but it sucks.
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    Yea there is a slight lag but via internet off of a site the audio is basically non-existant. Once in a great while a split second of garbled audio comes through but that's it.
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    I went here on iphone and the episodes play fine. On the Pre, no audio but video looks great. Bug?
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    Has anyone tried this over wifi? I loaded the page with EVDO today and the video looked great, but there was no sound.
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    No sound over wifi.
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    Audio messed up here. Using wifi. No sound with occasional noise that sounds like speeded up audio.

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