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    I love my Pre. I had a Centro so the I don't give a rat's **** about how it compares to the iPhone. It does things I never did before.

    Today was an example. I warmed up before my tennis match with Pandora on using the Pre headphones. Decent phones (length, mic, button, magnetic earbuds, and of course decent bass). Pandora was great.

    1 hour - from 100% - 84%. Not horrible.

    This afternoon, went for a trail ride on my mountain bike. Again Pandora in the background. The ride was 2 hours. Part way I took a pic and emailed it to the family, Checked my location on Google maps and made a call or two.

    Total drain. 100% - 34%!!!!

    This is going to be unacceptable on trips or weekend outings. During the week, I'm always near a Touchstone, but if I go on a long hike and use Pandora, I'm screwed. I hope there is a fix for this.

    I'm charging it up nightly and during the day at work. Mine is not getting that hot. Wifi is OFF when not near any wifi. I'll have to check why I should leave that on. Bluetooth off today although normally I have the Bluetooth headset. Doesn't look like it makes sense to do Pandora AND my stereo Bluetooth. I'd get about an hour tops.
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    Update: i've been using my new Pre a lot today with email, web, text and calls and have great batt life. Its been of the charger since 10am its now 7:49 and I have 42% left.

    I'm thinking this is what we should expect from batt life w the Pre. Hopefully it keeps up and i'll be very happy.
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    Full charged it at about 8 am, sent 2 text messages, browsed the web for no more than 10 minutes, and sent 2 emails. 8% battery......
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