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    10am till 430- 68% mild usage...everything dimmed or turned off except phone and wifi
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    Quote Originally Posted by gdolla3 View Post
    By chance does anybody know when the seidio extended battery will be available?
    available for purchase now, not shipping till mid-month i believe.
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    Its 4:53 and in at 37% now....
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    It's 3:47 here and at my desk I getting horrible signal maybe a bar or two in and out of EV also. I have probably missed 8 calls. Listen to voicemail about 4 times, sent about 10 text, Checked email 3 or 4 times. Have my Gmail account set to push, comcast comes in every hour. Right now I am seating at 62% which I don't think is to bad considering I have horrible signal strength. I wonder if Tweet is draining my battery like it was for crazytexan. Might try and test that out tomorrow.
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    The only time I notice severe battery drain is when I am also having sporadic EVDO connection issues. This may be coincidental but I am suspicious.

    4 cards open, EAS, Gmail, open all day. Selective Locator and WIFI. Stopped charging at 7AM EST - 45% now at almost 5pm. Moderate / Heavy usage.

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    1:56 here on the Left Coast-sitting at 64%.. mild usage today.. a few texts, and couple calls, some web stuff at lunch.
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    I took mine off the charger at about 7:30am this morning. I have several email accounts setup (all but 1 setup to only check once an hour, the last one "as items arrive"). I have Wifi turned on, I have made several phone calls, sent a couple texts, did a bit of web browsing, updated the Where app and did a few lookups in Where and at 4:55pm I am sitting @ 75% remaining so I certainly can't complain about my battery life.
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    at 5pm - 77% not a lot of usage today.
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    Off charger at 7 AM, its now 5 PM.

    About 10 emails, 5 short calls, couple text messages, played one song, used the Where App 1 time, and Wifi on all day.

    Pretty darn good compared to Saturday. I know they say these batteries don't need to be conditioned, but it is definitely lasting longer than Saturday.

    Of course I did turn the brightness down all the way a couple days ago. Could be the biggest reason.
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    at around 4 i was at 30-45% haha with heavy to moderate use
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    Quote Originally Posted by richcracker View Post
    available for purchase now, not shipping till mid-month i believe.
    Cool. Thanks for the info. Oh yea, I'm at 26% and I have been web surfing for about two hours, quite a few texts nd gmail is on push. This battery confuses
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    @4pm Central Time..... I'm @ 55% moderate usage push email and its been off the charges since 6:30AM
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    92% but I stick it on the USB every so often throughout the day. Whenever I'm at my desk, I'm docked.
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    8am-4pm: from 100% to 74%
    Have checked a bunch of emails, clicked on links in them to view websites. Looked at a Word attachment. Checked in on my calendar. Received one call (which I ignored since it was an unknown number). No charging since I took it off the touchstone at home at 8am.
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    I bought 5 retractable micro cables for $5/each, they work fine. Have one on home/work computers, car, wall adapter. All work fine. As often as I'm on a laptop or in car, battery life not so much of an issue, though I still want bigger battery.

    Will probably get aftermarket wireless chargers when they get to <$10.
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    Does anyone with good battery performance NOT have their screen brightness turned all the way down?
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    Mine's all the way up. I just charge it if I have been doing lots of stuff. Last night I went to a concert and from maybe 6pm on I was off the charger. Between then and midnight I used the web, GPS, camera, phone, and messaging. By the time I got home I was down to like 10% from maybe 90-95% starting out. That means I can get fairly heavy use for 5-6 hours before I have to worry. Sounds about right to me. I am pretty sure that is the approximate talk time on the Pre, iPhone, and G1.
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    I am at 60% right now at 4:15PM - Great coverage - good use, some email a bit of web surfing while waiting on my train (5-10 minutes), 45 minutes of phone calls, five text messages, some other messing around

    about the same as my old iPhone.
    wifi and bluetooth are off; GPS set to ask for use; screen is maybe dimmed to 35% versus the 40% standard (about the dimmest I will go before think it is dark); Gmail is the only email set to as they receive; no google talk or any other im account.
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    49% at 5:15 pm. Took it off the charger at 6:30am. Read and sent responses to 4 txt messages, made 3 phone calls totally 26 minutes. Used the web browser to log into facebook and have a 5 line txt exchange with one person. Demo'ed the phone at lunch for 5 minutes. No apps using wireless. Ignored 3 emails.
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    Left this morning at 7:30 with 100% charge.. No Wifi, IM, GPS, BT, etc on.. Gmail checked every 1 hour..very minimal usage today.. my phone was 47% at lunch and it died by 2:30.. This has happened two days in a row now with basically not using the phone..That is only 7 hrs of standby time.. My phone has been like this since I bought it on Sat.. I leave it charged overnight, but this thing will not keep a charge

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