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    And now I have a case number with Palm and awaiting a call back within 24 hours. Oyyyyyyy....I am frustrated!
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    1. signal strength
    2. lack of sms ringtones
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    PIM-1: Memo's with categories don't move over
    PIM-2: Address Book with 'custom' fields and attached note need to move over

    That's it, assuming battery and reception and synergy all work.
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    lol how could all of these things not have been thought out before it's release?? Where's my red blinking message indicator?
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    1. No bluetooth voice dialing. Total kick in the face. I cannot believe that Palm left this feature out. What the F?

    Granted it may trickle down with 3rd party apps but hell, has anyone tried focusing on little keys while driving 75mph. That is a GD accident waiting to happen.

    2. Hello...Battery life sucks Palm....hello
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    1. No copy and paste in the browser
    2. Its not on Verizon
    3 Battery Life
    4. Be able to use Ringtones that are sent to you via MMS
    5.Release the SDK please Palm
    6. Video Recording/ Editing
    7. Voice Memos
    8. Voice Control (even for music too)
    9. A compass (dont really need this)just to beat iphone
    10.Better universal search to search IN application and email names and stuff
    11. Register gestures better
    12. Register touches better to the screen sometimes i touch things multiple times and they dont come up
    13. Start up time slowwwwwwwwwwww

    thats it for now
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    1 - Ability to read email folders without me having to go to the folder everytime.
    It should fetch email at set time intervals and push subject and sender to
    2- Battery life as everyone has already mentioned
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    Palm MUST address the spontaneous shutdown issue coupled with the slow start up time. Absolutely ridiculous that you don't know if or when your phone is operational until you try to use it!!!
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    Signal (missing calls - going to voicemail on their own)
    Landscape keyboard.
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    1. The calendar!!!
    The syncing feature with google or whatever is a nice theory, but visually it sucks. Let's sync with iCal and keep the color coded events!! Or hurry up with formating pocket informant. There needs to be color and visual cues in the month view. I hate it- almost enough to return the phone because now I have to carry my old Treo and the Pre!!
    I am very surprised that others are not as upset about this feature. Streaming radio, playing games and emailing video is nice, but I need to know when to go to work first!!!
    2. sounds and ring tones for text/ alerts/ voicemail etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kmod View Post
    Well, what are they?
    i keep forgetting to turn off the phone call
    my wife will hear me talking in room for several mins after a call
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    - VERY quiet ringtones/sms/email notification (even with all volume set to max)
    - cannot pick tones for SMS messaging
    - alarm clock - cannot set an alarm to recur on certain days. i have a staggered work schedule, and need to wake up at 7AM on some days, and 6AM on others. on my old phone i used the calendar and set my alarms as events. that brings me to my next point...
    - calendar notification sucks - beeps once and quietly. cannot set a ringtone as notification (for alarm purposes) also, cannot set reminder to go off AT the event time, has to be minimum 5 minutes.
    - slow start up
    - phone "reboots" itself if i turn it off while it is plugged into the charger (no touchstone). it shuts down, then powers back up after a few minutes.
    - synergy - allow me to import just MY CONTACTS from gmail, dont force me to have to import ALL CONTACTS. i dont need to have random email contacts added to my contact list just because i happened to send them an email or if they were cc'd on a reply-all
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    1) categories for contacts

    2) ability to send mass text / emails to said categories
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    1 - poor reception
    2 - battery life

    3 - cut/paste older text msgs (to fwd)

    other gripes that I'm waiting for 3rd party apps to correct:
    - limited calendar views (waiting for datebk/agendus style)
    - notification sound options
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    Not even two, just one: Full Sync with Palm Desktop.
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    my biggest issue is the build quality of the phone. having previously using nextel mil grade flip phones for years, i feel like this phone is ready to break in my hand. it would be great if the case was made of magnesium like some of the Panasonic tough book laptops. just my $0.02
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    Quote Originally Posted by brett328 View Post
    1. Reception

    2. reception
    yea cause that's the phone's fault.
    just get ATT or TMobile already
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    1. Startup time is just god awful

    2. Notification lights for missed calls.
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    1. Sync with Palm Desktop - Calendar
    2. Syncy with Palm Desktop - Calendar
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    1) A PIM/calendar that works like everything from Palm previously.

    (All the other stuff is obvious to Palm/Sprint and will very likely be corrected as a part of normal product improvements and evolutionary updates.)

    I don't need a #2. (but I'm worried about #1 because of Palm's apparent attitude so far)

    Based on the efforts and public statements from Palm and Sprint so far, it appears that Palm just wants to build a better iPhone. Sorry Palm, that will never happen! Regardless of the little extras you beat Apple on (multi-tasking, inductive charging, physical keyboard, etc.), these are obviously not deal-breakers for the installed base of millions of current iPhone users. These are insignificant differences to most users, and certainly not compelling reasons to leave the iPhone platform. Sure, Palm's not standing still but neither is Apple, and Apple will always continue to build a better iPhone too. Palm can never fully catch up or pass Apple unless...

    There is one single thing that Palm could do to beat Apple and carve out a real-world, identifiable target market advantage: build a better smartphone, not a better iPhone!

    Apple has nailed their target market and continues to deliver hardware and software updates that feed their user base. Palm is shouting from the sidelines "Me too! Me too!!" Not a winning strategy. Following the big splash of the Pre, day by day Palm will only progressively lose ground to Apple. And, day by day, Palm will only continue to alienate the millions of long time Palm fans who kept them around because of their understanding of the value of a rock solid, quality PIM.

    By ignoring this single significant hole in the marketplace and continuing to chase Apple's market, by ignoring this single real world unserved customer base (people focused on productivity over entertainment), and by just adding features that try to beat Apple at the iPhone game (winning the occasional nifty feature battle for a few months here and there), Palm will slowly but surely lose the war.

    But there's still a chance... PLEASE don't ignore the millions of long time Palm fans! PLEASE deliver a PIM!!

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