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    Battery life I live on phone and need it to last oast 3 pm
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    1) Improve Battery life. Mine has been much better today, but I had to disable bluetooth, GPS, and back email sync off to 30 min intervals. On Monday I took it off the charger around 8am and it was completely dead by 3pm.
    2) Add voice dialing
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    1. Larger font size choices in the calendar day view. A bit on the too tiny size now.
    (Someone else already mentioned how sluggish the calendar day switching is.)

    2. Separate Brightness control for keypad. In the dark you want the screen down low, but the keypad at max brightness. Very hard to type now in the dark without first blinding yourself when upping the screen brightness just in order to see the keypad.

    Most of us want that center button to light up when an alert is waiting. Even better to have steady/fast blink/slow blink modes for different types of alerts, or the number of alerts. Although harder to see at an angle from across the room, maybe also include the 2 LEDs on either side to indicate type of alert? Lots of possibilities here -- maybe use all 3 LEDs in a chasing pattern?
    And make it customizable!
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    1) Exchange (EAS) PIN support. My work requires this, and the lack of access to my work email is a deal breaker for me.

    2) Battery life, battery life, battery life.
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    Tasks and local syncing (via BT would be ideal).
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    1) Battery Life/Heat

    2) Reception

    3) Calendar irks me. Should be able to be reminded of an appointment more than 1 hour ahead. And should be reminded at regular intervals as appointment gets closer. Windows Mobile could do this.

    4) Flash support!

    5) Apps I want to see: Better Facebook app, Hulu, Sirius, and Slingplayer. Oh and that Bank of America app I thought that was supposed to be available at launch?
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    1. Battery life

    2. On screen qwerty keyboard to make it easier to make a phone call while driving.
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    First post. First Palm device. New Sprint customer.

    I wont waste my two on battery life and sluggishness, these two are no brainers for anyone using this phone and Im sure will be on the pool that MMM will setup soon surely.

    1. Why cant I get a calendar alert for the birthdays I have pulled over from Facebook? Our any calendar at all? I should be able to pull those calendars up and get into an options setting where I could set individual or all to alert me with a sound and popup like it does with a calendar event you setup via phone. My BB Curve did this with ease, as well as accept Outlook invites via email that auto added to my calendar. I do not use EAS.

    2. Messaging- Auto correct and the ability to forward. I wont mention how simple this is because Im sure they had a reason for it, i just hope that they are slaving away on OTA software updates so we can get this thing up to speed!
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    Lack of features in the PIM apps. I mean, really, they can't match capabilities that are 15 years old on P-OS?

    Lack of capability in the browser: No downloads, no cut-n-paste (except for entry fields), no symbols in entry fields.
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    Reception - like others, Ev is on and off, bars go from 1-5-4-2 in seconds while sitting still.

    Wi-Fi reliability - I'm sitting next to my laptop that shows 100% wi-fi signal and my Pre can rarely connect. I consistently see "CONNECTING..." followed by "IP CONFIGURATION FAILED". Once it does connect, it does a pretty good job of keeping the connection unless it goes to sleep.

    Between these two problems, my Pre is quite unreliable at my house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by etarina View Post
    ...uh, last i checked, you CAN cut/copy/paste on Pre...
    But only in a very limited fashion. You can only copy from text entry fields, NOT from display fields. So no copying links from web pages, for example.
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    1. sluggish
    2. polish the ui.. there are far too many minor and annoying bugs
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    1. The PIM SUCKS! My Sharp Zaurus had a better PIM than than the Pre
    2. See #1

    Seriously, how dumbed down could they make this thing? Just give a +1 to meyerweb's choices. I tried to quote a post and couldn't get the stupid cursor to go in front of the quote [] part. So I just deleted the "[" assuming I could just hit symbol and choose it, but it wouldn't let me choose "[" from the symbol menu. Moving the cursor within the text box would be so much easier with a d-pad. cutting and pasting would be so much easier with a d-pad. just hold down the orange button and select by using the d-pad. That would just CRUSH any other cut and paste from any touch based phone.

    Geez...I was actually having fun playing with the Pre until I actually had to use it. I think mine will be going back by the end of the week.
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    Pixi: Sold. Pre: Passed off to another rep. Touchpad: Just a toy until Cloud syncing arrives, and a better doc editor.
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    1. Reception
    2. Battery Life
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    Reception is bad in my house but good mostly everywhere else. most of the people on here should realize some homes, office buildings, and landscape are just bad for reception. My two complaints are
    1. Dead pixels and some light leakage. (Not a good thing in a new "Flagship" phone, I have seen many complaints of this)
    2. Is it just me or is the call volume a bit low, by no means as bad as the Iphone was but low none the less.
    If I could pick a third I might say the heat issue but it seems to be intermittent.
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    1. Copy/Paste in all applications (iPhone and WinMo do it)

    2. Better phone UI ... For example, I should be able to set the phone to not auto-answer when I take it off the TouchStone.

    I am surprised at all the comments regarding reception. My reception is just as good as it was on my 755P. Maybe I just got lucky.
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    1. PIM with tasks
    2. Reception-I sit where I sat with my Treo 755p and had no reception problems. I do with the Pre.
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    1. Sluggishness. Some things are very sluggish (the music application especially!), while others (like switching cards and scrolling in most areas) are virtually lag free. I don't mind the load times of the apps as long as they run smoothly once loaded.

    2. Please either give us the ability to customize the sound and volume of the notification sounds, or make the outside lights blink when we have an unread notification. Both would be nice.
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    1. Ability to save files on the web (and view PDFs on the web and save images)

    2. Landscape links should open landscape pages

    3. Copy and paste non-editable web pages (I don't need to copy something I wrote, I need to copy something I looked up!)

    4. Fix bugs, especially the alarm clock so that weekdays are not Sunday-Thursday, preferably before I get up for work on Friday. If I had no other alarm, this would easily be number 1.

    5. Exchange ActiveSync support - I realize this is way harder when you're synchronizing 8 Exchange servers, but force me to use the most complex password, the longest password, and the shortest timeout, then tell the Exchange Server you have met its requirements and you will not let me change it back. Also wipe out that email account on the EAS remote wipe command (ideally not the whole phone as Microsoft intended, instead respecting the rights of the seven other corporations that own data on the phone). That has to include the folders that are not push-synchronized, not just the inbox, so just recording the server as having nothing on it is not good enough, you have to actually wipe the account. People think that having a 4 or 6 digit pin is enough, but the server has to ensure you can't just change it back afterwards and you have potentially seven other security policies. It sounds doable, but way more complicated than any other EAS implementation in existence.

    6. Flash in the browser would be very welcome; hopefully we really see that by early next year.

    7. Remote Desktop Protocol or VNC for remote desktop control.

    8. Cisco VPN client. I had AnthaVPN for Palm and WinMo, and the iPhone has this for free. Being able to access our intranet sites (and ideally RDP or VNC) was very nice.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the Pre, but I see some room for improvement.
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    1. Battery
    2. (I'm cheating here) Internet options i.e copy+paste, flash, open in new card, file saving...etc

    Edit: I just learned, you can force open in a new card

    orange + sym + click link
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