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    1. Battery Life (I want shorter life)

    2. Notifications (like modifying the flash on the back to blink when I have a message or notification)
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    I would DESPERATELY like a way to stream news/talk radio on my PRE!

    I would also like to have a "2day screen."
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    1. PIN & remote wipe EAS policy support.
    2. universal search should search email too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by senorfrog97 View Post
    I agree. They need to at least match the basic features that the iPhone now has.
    ...uh, last i checked, you CAN cut/copy/paste on Pre...
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    1. Voice dialing
    2. LED notifications for sms, email, im, and battery notification when full fully charged
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    Battery life / heat
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    #1 Lack of PIM functionality like my Treo had

    #2 Only 8 gig memory (no micro sd)
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    1) More Facebook Integration (status on contacts, messaging, photo upload captions, news feed)

    2) Agenda/List view in Calendar
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    1) Battery Life I mean seriously battery life)
    2) Memo pad...I don't want to look at sticky notes, just a list please? Something akin to what the Palm OS brought to the table. I'll take that searchable please? And uh, a means by which to import. Your looking for two so I am reluctant here but what the hell, I'll take my chances.

    A better cut/copy paste functionality would be great. I'm trying to adapt from a Centro and the existing copy/paste is a loosing proposition.

    Also, let's get universal search to search the calendar! That should be part of the universal thing.

    Categories for Contacts! I intend to post a work around here in the forums but this would definitely be a help. Help!
    Having said all of the above I am loving this device and looking forward to all of the tweaks and upgrades to this OS to come. I am a long time Palm fan and looking nowhere but forward...Go Palm! Your back in the game!
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    1. Battery life
    2. Battery life
    3. (bonus suggestion) general sluggishness
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    Mine Are:
    #1 Open up the MoJo API. I'd like to write some apps for this platform. The lack of visibility in how you are choosing developers is troubling.

    #2 ALL Screen Transitions: Pretty much this issue that the OP mentioned. Maybe this is simpler than it sounds: for instance, in the browser, the listener to the accelerometer should not be blocked by a thread that says the page is still loading.

    To the OP, nice idea for this topic. Wish I could post more than two but I understand your reason to limit to the two most important things. Hopefully Palm will read and act on our most pressing concerns!

    -- Bob
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    1. Reception: It's pretty good but the indicator jumps all over the place and its pretty annoying.

    2. Battery Life: It ain't bad but it could be better. Power Tweaks please!
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    1- Signal / Reception

    2- Reception / Signal

    I suggest after getting the major 7-8 a poll would be cool. Than we can get some real numbers.
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    Battery Life

    System seems sluggish at times
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    1. Reception Issues
    2. Battery Life

    Bonus. Heat Issues
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    1. POOR reception
    2. Sluggishness

    3. Poor battery life
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    Ill add mine...

    1- reminder alerts and or led, for missed sms, mms, call, etc...

    2- fix the calendar, ability to choose a default view, ability to see all time slots, ability to see all day events on month view, and ability to see upcoming events on the front screen....

    i know that we wish that the pre came with more mem and an expansion slot but palm cant do anything about that now...

    lets hope pam and sprint will listen to their customers and make these changes soon, maybe in an update...
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    1. Text basic functionality
    - Forwarding
    - Purging (by date ie anything older then 2 weeks)
    - Date and time stamps
    - customizable notification (and it would be nice to be able to have individual notifications for specific text senders.
    - Folders - Delete, Save, other
    - Views - Top of list, Bottom, Sort by date, name, font sizes, alerts, bla, bla, bla

    2. PIM basic functionality
    - Where to begin? - oh right - if you start with what was on ANY of the past Treo / Palms you would be WAY ahead of the Pre. Start there.

    And if there were more suggestions:

    3. Battery life (I didn't waste my 2 suggestion on this one since so many people have already made mention of it.)
    4. Sluggishness - really? Two processors and it's loads stuff slow?!?

    Otherwise, what a cool phone.
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    1. Battery life (poor reception maybe a big culprit?)

    2. IMAP subfolders do not push - have to manually sync
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    1. customized alerts(alarm, sms, email and etc)
    2. stronger vibrations or to be able to customized

    other than that my pre is awesome!
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