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    1. PIN & remote wipe EAS policy support so I can sync with my office.
    2. Better SDK for real apps.
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    The only one I can think about at the moment is some type of blinking light indicator for messages received. I still cant believe that we have to ask for this when it should have been on the phone since day one. Oh well im sure it will come soon or something like it.
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    Keep em coming guys . I want thios thread so long that it becomes a sticky! Palm will have no choice but to read it!
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    gMail application
    - in current palm email you cannot archive (the workaround makes you change delete to "archive" - so, now I can't delete). I would like a dedicated Google Application that can show threads, archive OR delete, show labels, add starts, etc...

    - can't forward messages! So, daughter sends me a txt and I want to fwd to wife... nope, gotta retype it.
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    1. AOL sync is spotty, this is an issue for me.
    2. No keyboard in landscape mode (I see a Pre II with a swivel screen in the near future...well maybe not NEAR future...but...)

    Short battery life is not unusual for me, I have an iPhone as well, so I'm used to it.
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    Fix Google Calendar syncing to include alarms and all-day events - neither work properly now.

    Allow MUCH more control of alarms - timing as well as tone selection.

    I really find it hard to believe that my Treo was better at alarm management than my Pre.
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    1. EAS device pin lock support
    2. EAS device remote wipe
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    1. Improve battery life!
    2. Notifications for texts, emails, calls when screen is off through lighting up the button.

    3. Ability to forward/resend a text.
    4. On-screen keyboard for quick replys or typing in landscape mode.
    5. Give an option to set snooze intervals for alarm clock.
    6. Ability to select number/length of vibrations for a call or text.

    Apparently I have more than 2 things I would like to see fixed!
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    1. Music/Video. After updating to 1.0.2, my Pre will not play streamed video or music, nor MP3's loaded directly on to the system properly. It gets a few seconds in (very random, sometimes its 10 seconds, sometimes its two minutes) and then the audio craps out. If I'm in the MP3 player, it crashes back to the main screen. If I'm streaming a video from Youtube, it crashes and tells me that it cannot play the file. If using Sprint TV, it gives the same error as Youtube, with this addition.

    "(7000)(MS error: There was an error playing the file)"

    I suspect something is screwed up with my codecs, but resetting, and even reflashing with PalmOS Doctor has not yielded a fix. I would blame hardware, but as I said, it worked with the original software.

    2. I bought that crummy plastic Pre case. My sprint rep (who was awesome, nothing against her) took it out of the packaging and handed it to me, seeing that I intended to tote my Pre with me out of the store. I did not acquire the packaging. I loathe this case, and would love to reacquire my hard earned money spent on it, but I doubt that they will permit me to return it without the packaging. A guy can hope, I suppose.
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    So far the #1 concern over all these post IS......drum roll ,.........

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    kee going guys
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    1. battery life / heating up / phone freezes when battery completely dies
    2. continuing notifications when screen is off (LED, vibrate, or sound)
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    Quote Originally Posted by pomokey View Post
    1. battery life / heating up / phone freezes when battery completely dies
    2. continuing notifications when screen is off (LED, vibrate, or sound)

    1. Only 8 gig memory (no micro sd)
    2. Keyboard
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cipro View Post
    1. Cut
    2. Paste
    I agree. They need to at least match the basic features that the iPhone now has.
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    #1- Lack of adequate PIM functionality a la Treo. No Calendar search or Memo search function.

    #2- General lack of PIM functionality. Pre Memo function sucks, no categories.

    It's a general principle that the successor of a phone should not lose features or functionality. Although the Pre adds functionality to the Treo, it has lost some simple and basic functionality in the PIM area.
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    1. Make browser compatible with various websites that currently don't work properly.
    2. Make email app more usable (more like Chatteremail--with control of what time of day audio notifications are allowed, color codes for different email accounts, settings for purging deleted messages, the ability to move to the next message in the list after deleting the currently displayed message, keyboard shortcuts, ...) and fix incompatibility with various html emails that currently don't display properly.

    (and of course...battery life!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gas Man View Post
    1. Only 8 gig memory (no micro sd)
    2. Keyboard
    I don't think they can fix either of those with a software update.

    For me:

    1) Battery life

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    1. PIM functionality: in particular, calendar and contacts sync don't work reliably in Exchange or Google
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    1. General Laginess
    2. No T9 like autocorrect function. (I want to fly through text).
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