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    Mine is
    1 - want improved Music Player, I've added HomeBrew App but it still is lacking
    2- bettery battery life without changing to a new, bigger back.

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    Led alerts (is the led a tri-color led?) different colors for text, low batt, or email etc would be cool. Also the little lights next to the center button could be utilized as well
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    Sorry, I can't narrow it down to just 2. lol I just jumped the fence from the Blackberry world, over to the Palm Pre (or Pre-mature as I call it) and for everything pro, there is a con.
    ~No copy/past
    ~no fwd-ing of sms/mms (wtf is that about)
    ~the battery life
    ~ no flash player (yes, i know, neither does Blackberry)
    ~not being able to dwnld "non-pre" files from web and save to phone

    I understand that some of my irritation is just from being so used to the operation of a Blackberry & will just take time to get over. But it's still aggrevating as #$@%R in the meantime. lol

    WAIT!! I take all that back. I forgot. The MOST annoying thing about this phone is not being able to delete any google profiles from my phone as well as the fact that it adds EVERY SINGLE email addy that i send/receive an email to/from. I have almost 100 contacts that are craigslist emails, wtf do i need that on my phone for?!?!?! It's a pain in the whoo-whoo to have to go thru and delete each one of them individually.
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    1. Voice dialing
    2. Empty trash folder
    3. Forward text
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    1) Fix the inconsistent signal strength.

    2) Improve my dismal battery life.
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    1 - Voice Mail Notification (sometimes takes hours for a "new voicemail" notification)

    2 - Battery life, Heat and Reception (like others, I suspect the three are related)
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    1) I feel that I am sometimes quick to lose my temper

    2) I'm really bad at follow throu
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    - Memory card slot.

    - select/cut/paste
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    1. Battery life

    2. Cheap build (feels like its gonna break any minute)
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    1) Video camera

    2) Battery life
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    there are lots of things that could improve, though overall it is a good device with lots of promise....BUT

    (1) First, the thing has to work as a phone! I've had way too many calls that disappeared into some Pre lag. Too many places that had fine signal strength with Treo after Treo that barely work with the Pre.

    (2) Too much lag in the OS. Not that important for web browsing and entertainment, but a few seconds can seem awfully long when you're on a business call and trying to check on a calendar event, contact info or email.
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    1.) Battery life... (Mostly due to phone constantly looking for signal, so either fix the battery or put a tower outside my office and another outside my house.)
    2.) No memory limitations for apps. This actually drives me nuts as I have a lot of homebrew apps and whenever I want an app from the Palm catalog I have to remove one or more of my homebrews and then go back and side load the ones I had to delete.

    There are a bunch of small annoyances that need to be ironed out but all in all this is by far the best phone I have ever had the pleasure to get my grubby hands on. Nice work Palm and I am hoping that the future updates (including 1.2) start working out those bugs and annoyances. And as for my number 1. this would probably be helped if Mugen would get off their *** and send me the battery I ordered 11 days ago.
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    1. Calendar app is inferior to the original PalmOS Calendar app from the Palm Pilot 13 years ago. None of the PIM apps are an improvement, but the WebOS Calendar is the worst of them.

    2. Universal Search isn't.
    Powered by Palm since 1996...
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    ...gave up and switched to iPhone4 7/15/10
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    1. Reception issues - data and voice
    2. General sluggishness in and between apps.
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    1) Bigger partition for apps...can only have so many apps installed (very few).
    2) Desktop software to backup apps (not Sprints backup cloud that you can not manage).
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    Quote Originally Posted by barrysanders20 View Post
    1. Battery Life
    2. Reception/ Signal

    Runner up

    Sluggishness in OS/ Memory Leaks
    Heat issues
    Notifications improvements/ stronger vibration, better and louder audible notifies, glowing of inner ringer when notifications come through, allowing alarm clock to ring when a pending notification goes unanswered.
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    1) Add DRM Treo 800w was perfectly Napster such luck with Pre.

    2) Make vibrate mode totally of now, music and alarms still play loud and clear with the phone on vibrate...WHY??? Potentially very embarrassing if you're in a meeting or theater. At least include the OPTION to make vibrate mode totally silent.
    Palm Pre owner...for now, at least. :-p
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    Its been three months since this thread, and my two biggest issues still havent been fixed:

    1. battery life
    2. general sluggishness
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    1. Battery Life

    2. Video Recording

    (3. Center button LED alert notification.)
    (4. cut/paste)
    (5. message forwarding)
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