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    I hadnt gotten a concrete answer from anyone here as to how many actual people can you text in a single message so I decided to go to best buy and do it myself using their demo....

    As I added each contact to the TO: field in texting the area beneath got smaller to the point where after 11 people I could not see the area below the names, it was all covered with the people I was texting and you cannot see the contacts anymore, this is a big glitch when the device lets you text mroe but you cant see them anymore cuz the buttom shrinks rather than the top moving up or some other work around....anyone know what im talking about?

    Do we have any assurance that these VERY issues such as this, forwarding text, copy paste, group texting and all the other little things we all found will actually be specifically fixed?
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    I remember reading some where that the text recipients field was a limit of 10 contacts
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    nope you can definitely do more the ONLY reason I would think people SAY or palm says 10 is cause after that you cant see anything on the screen but what if every contact you have is a long name it would fill up the screen way faster than ten
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    Is that really a 'HUGE' glitch? I don't think I've ever sent a text to more than one person at a time.
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    I mean to each their own just cause you dont use the feature doesn't mean its not a glitch lol...

    Its like saying I never forward, copy or cut a text, its still a fix that needs to be implemented
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    I sent a text today with more than 10 recipients, and yes I experienced the same thing with the text field. It is funky to say the least.
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    I just tried what you mentioned above I see what you are stating. I guess one option for Palm to fix it is to have the box stationary and allow us scroll (flick) up and down the list in the To: field & have it stop adding contacts at certain limit also.
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    that's why we need to be able to change the size of the fon't its way to big for txt msgs.
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    I've had the issue where the text that you're typing disappears off the screen- with sending it to only one contact. The reality is that there are a tremendous amount of bug fixes that Palm needs to implement, but I'm confident that they're paying attention to them.

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