I installed Mediamonkey on a spare PC to test it out as a replacement for iTunes.

When I connect the USB, I choose Media Sync.

I created a special playlist of podcast episode titled Pre Play MM.

Mediamonkey recognizes the usb drive aspect of my pre and allows my to browse it's drive E:

I set my Pre Play MM playlist to auto synchronize with the device.
I set All Podcasts to auto synchronize with the device.

I tell MM to synchronize with my pre.
The progress bars and text suggest files were transferred.

I choose safely eject (E: ) from MM.
The drive letter disappears from MM and from My Computer in Windows.

The pre display STAYS in the Media Sync display (with the music notes).

Windows already thinks the ipod device has been ejected.

The Windows Safely Remove tray icon does not list anything pre related.

If I just unplug the USB from the pre, I get a nastygram that I should not
just unplug it. It has recovered from what I have done.

The Music app does not display my new Pre Play MM playlist but it displays all of the podcast episodes from the list.

How can I get MM to convince the pre to exit Media Sync mode?

(I presume these are MM setup issues to get it to work with the pre).

Please help me leave iTunes behind.