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    The browser should be about the same as the iphone since they both use webkit as the engine. Most of the speed differences you would notice occur from the Pre having a faster processor and more memory than the current iphones. But I would agree, web kit is extremely fast and definitely works well on a fast phone such as the Pre.
    Yes indeed. Even former iPhone users unaware of the Webkit similarities would find something very familiar about the not-yet-rendered "checkerboard" in the Pre's browser.
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    This browser is so fun (and fast) to use that I find myself playing with it at home over wifi instead of my laptop lol. Dumb, I know.
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    to zoom with the "pinch" gesture, i place one finger in place and only move the other one.
    I found this to be the best way too. It's easier and more accurate. I plant my thumb and just use my index finger to zoom and its really smooth.
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    Yep. Its... just awesome.

    But also agree that once you zoom in, a button should appear to zoom back out to full webpage view.
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