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    I like to read various websites on my Pre that keep track of me using cookies, like Livejournal, and I noticed that I was getting logged out of the sites even though the sites still thought I had a session with them.

    From my laptop I stay logged in eternally provided I don't log out.

    Is the Pre's web browser purging cookies before their listed expiration time? This would be very annoying as I will have to keep re-logging into websites every couple of days.

    Anyone else noticing this?
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    I would also like to know this; since the OP didn't mention, I do have cookies enabled on the Pre.
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    I also experienced this problem - I was logged into various sites and I had to re-log into them yesterday. This was one reason why I left my dumb phone, I hated having to relog into facebook all the time. I'll probably end up returning the phone if the lack of cookie memory holds true, hopefully it is just a bug. I do have cookies enabled, is there something else you have to do to make them last?
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