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    Thanks to atlanta at, we can now use phone as modem after a few tricky instructions!

    I'm not responsible for any of this, just passing along news

    I can't believe that its only been 4 days since release too.
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    There's nothing there about tethering. Just a link to another thread with a person saying they've "done it", with 0 instructions or proof.

    Rooting isn't tethering, by the way.
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    yeesh, i hope they can simplify this soon. but hey, its a start! woo!!
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    sorry updated! instructions!
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    Quote Originally Posted by knickrox13 View Post
    sorry updated! instructions!
    Again, as I said before, there are no instructions there on tethering. All that's there is the already-known rooting.
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    Setting it up now..
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    Since the Pre has WiFi what I'd like to see is an app (like is available on Windows Mobile) that uses the data connection and turns the Pre into a portable WiFi access point.
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    I'm a programmer and a techie person and I even I don't want to mess around with all those steps lol. I don't need it that bad yet.
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    The bluetooth PAN approach uses less battery power, and probably requires less modification (just needs the pre to act as a NAT device).

    In any case, there is nothing in that thread that tells you how to enable tethering. But I suspect at this rate, in a couple weeks we'll have a mod that does that and a few other things.
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    So these are the instructions:

    1. Download the WebOS image
    2. Rename this file to .zip, and extract it
    3. set the Konami code on your pre (upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart), and put it into dev mode. Plug it into your windows laptop after it's booted
    4. Run the driver installer from the extracted file, it is: webosdoctorp100ewwsprint/resources/NovacomInstaller_x86.msi
    5. Install Python 2.6
    6. Get the rooter from subversion: webos-dev - Revision 3: /trunk/rooter
    7. Run inside of the rooter in subversion, it'll output a bunch of lines. If you see an error, join the irc ( #webos-internals)
    8. Turn on the wifi on your pre. Get your pre's IP address, and you can telnet into it (username: root)

    Run these commands in the shell

    Makes phone writeable.

    mount -o remount,rw /

    Creates file to run the backdoor to open telnet on boot.
    //irix edited the iptables to only allow on eth0 thanks irix.
    //eth0 is the WIFI link

    cat > /etc/event.d/backdoorscreen << EOF
    # -*- mode: shell-script; -*-
    # backdoorscreen

    description "backdoorscreen"

    start on stopped configure
    stop on runlevel [!2]

    exec screen -d -m /home/

    Bash file to open up the iptables firewall to telnet and start telnet

    cat > /home/ << EOF
    while `true`; do
    sleep 120
    iptables -i eth0 -D INPUT -p tcp --dport 23 -j ACCEPT
    iptables -i eth0 -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 23 -j ACCEPT


    Set permissions on the bash file

    chmod 755 /home/

    Make the file system read only again.

    mount -o remount,ro /

    P.S. Everything Pre is not responsible for you bricking your phone so try at your own risk


    That is a pretty involved and at best someone who knows what they're doing could end up with disastrous results. I have a problem doing something that could brick my phone without seeing a bunch of posts from people with success. Currently no one else has tried it in that post.

    Bottom line is it's still early and I would wait for a simpler solution which no doubt is around the corner. It is very encouraging to see people hacking like this after only 4 days. The Pre should allow a lot of amazing hacks due to the Linux core.
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    I've simplified the tethering instructions with this easy-to-read chart:

    Good luck.
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    That's great news but that's not tethering. Most mistitled thread on the forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heberman View Post
    I've simplified the tethering instructions with this easy-to-read chart:

    Good luck.
    thanks, now it's clearer. I knew high school calculus would come in handy some day!
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    Quote Originally Posted by heberman View Post
    I've simplified the tethering instructions with this easy-to-read chart:

    Good luck.
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    nice. crack it open guys! keep the hacks coming
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    This is not tethering! Tethering is connecting to the internet on a computer using a cellphone as a modem. Thanks for trying though. Keep up the good work.
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    Someone suggested:

    One should get the disassembler, find the tel.settetheredmode message handler and change it to ignore NAI switch request. This should unlock Bluetooth PAN.

    Further, one may look at passthrud for USB tethering.

    Anyone game to try it?
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    Just a note that it IS possible. I am posting this from my desktop machine using the Pre as a cellular modem. I am using bluetooth PAN to connect them, and I have disabled the physical network adapter on the desktop machine, as well as the Wifi on the Pre.

    Checked with whatismyip and nslookup, and I am 173.137.xx.xx which resolves to - It's quite clear I am using the Sprint PCS network.

    As for the "how"... I had phone-as-modem enabled on my old plan, and it stayed when I switched it to the Everything Data 450 plan to get the Pre. As long as your plan includes phone-as-modem, it seems tethering works great.
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    How many times does it need to be said (not at you, lcars), that this is NOT tethering! Stop calling it tethering, people! It has absolutely nothing to do with it, all it lets you do is log into the phone via telnet and play with the device.
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