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  1.    #1 concludes that the Pre is much cheaper to own than the iPhone 3Gs or the G1. Also provides a chart with a basic feature comparison.

    Total Cost of Ownership: iPhone 3G S versus Palm Pre versus Android G1 | Shrinkage Is Good
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    Good find.
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    Nicely sums up why I've always stuck with Sprint. Cost of ownership is higher enough on ATT that it's not worth it (to me at least) to have a flashier device. I understand this all is relative to your personal budget but it's the case for me at least.
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    hey his chart says the pre does voice commands, is that right?
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    The first comment was funny.

    "I’m still thinking the iPhone is more worth it. It is just better and the price isn’t that much different."

    I dunno dude, $1200 a year is much different in my household.
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    There are many mistakes in that chart

    First, they should probably clarify that the 3Gs does not have MMS just yet. Users are at the mercy of AT&T to activate that, and you know how those things go.

    The pre does not have voice commands.

    The pre does not do OTA downloads for amazon MP3's, I believe. I think you have to be on wifi.
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    Jesus christ people are flocking to defend the iPhone in the comments, people don't like cold hard facts.

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