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    Is there anything different about the Best Buy Sprint contract vs. a corporate store contract that would make me favor one over the other?
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    Nope, same contract. Difference is Best Buy charges 199.99 and Sprint charges 299.99 with a 100.00 8 week rebate.
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    When you buy it through best buy the contract you are signing is still with Sprint, so no difference
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    Same contract with Radio Shack too. And you get $199 out the door. That alone was worth going to Radio Shack over Sprint Store.
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    Are you talking about the equipment insurance contract or Sprint network usage contract?
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    Either, both? lol. Basically, I have a friend who works for ATT, and he'll point out deals to me from different places. I.E., he pointed me out where it was cheaper for me to get a curve from a Kiosk than his store.

    However, some big box stores that sell phones have different cancellation policies. So in addition to paying $$$ to Spring if you want to cancel early, you also have to pay $$ to WalMart/Best Buy/ etc.
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    What about the activation fee? Will Best Buy waive this or do you have to pay it? I get mine waved at Sprint for being Premier.
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    I would be very leery of buying from Best Buy. They have a bad reputation for not honoring the equipment contracts they sell. I know first hand. I don't know if they've cleaned up their act or not in the last couple years, but I doubt it. There's a HUGE 'I hate Best Buy' ex-customer base.

    After a couple bad incidents with Best Buy years ago, I started buying my phones only from Sprint along with their equipment insurance and they've never let me down yet. They've also always price matched if I brought in proof of another retailer with a lower price.
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    Did Best Buy throw in some extra charges like a Geek Squad fee? I heard they were doing this. Anyone? Buhler? Buhler?
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    i bought my pre from BB, i got no extra charges. although they said id get an activation fee. ill check my bill to see if i did get a charge and ill make sprint waive it since im not suppose to get one cuz im a premier customer (although i think that only works if you buy the phone online. dont care, ill argue it anyway. lol)
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    Can you qualify for corporate discounts there?
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    Sprint store just called me to inform me that my time has come on the waitlist.... now the big decision, go to Best Buy and get $100 off immediately, or wait and hope I get mailed a rebate?

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