View Poll Results: How do you get to the dashboard?

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  • I use the Flick Up gesture.

    64 60.95%
  • I use the center button.

    35 33.33%
  • I didn't know you could get to the dash with a flick gesture.

    6 5.71%
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  1. haydur's Avatar
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    It's day 5 and I am finding myself not using the center button AT ALL. To get to the dash, I just use the flick-up gesture. I actually kinda feel that Palm could've done without the button completely.
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    I always use the gesture. I hope a future update might make use of the lighted button though, as a configurable message indicator.
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    Yeah, I wish the flick up and button press had different functionality. The way it is now I've used the button 3 times so far out of hundreds of times going to the launcher.
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    It shouldda been a scroll wheel. Didn't know what the button was for until I read it here.
  5. fitzla's Avatar
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    How about an option for "I use both".
  6. DNic's Avatar
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    Ah, didn't know I could flick up like that while in an app to put it in card view.
  7. mrkalel's Avatar
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    I use flick, for less wear and tear on the button
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    Quote Originally Posted by DNic View Post
    Ah, didn't know I could flick up like that while in an app to put it in card view.
    lol didn't know that you could do that either... i love new phones.
  9. Minsc's Avatar
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    The first 2 days I used the button, now I flick. I agree with others, there should be an option to re-purpose that button for something else. And while we're at it, how about we utilize the light in the button to indicate something like missed calls, emails, etc?
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    definitely gesture... so much easier and intuitive..
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    Flick up, take away that stupid launcher icon.
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    Flick up.

    Related question: To close the launcher, do you flick up again, or do you flick down?

    It's about half and half for me so far, as to whether I flick up or down to close the launcher, depending on where my thumb is I reckon.
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    I flick up to open the launcher and flick down to close out. For me that's the most intuitive approach.

    The only time I use the center button is to try to wake my phone...and of course that never works!
  14. ayman86's Avatar
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    i use both. more so with the button.
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    Remember Apple's ad campaign, "I'm a switcher"?

    How about Palm starts "I'm a flicker."

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    Ideally, I'd like the button to open the launcher, not card view, and the flick up to go to card view. Or vice-versa, the flick up always opens the launcher (or closes it), and the button gets you to card view.

    That way, they could allow you to remove the launcher icon from the wave, and you could put something else there, since you would always have a dedicated way to get to the launcher.
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  17. sub150's Avatar
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    I use the center button to get to the cards...and as DanPLC turn on the phone. Center button to turn on the phone really needs to be added...the power button is only conveniently located if you are holding it in your hand.
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    all great ideas.. and i didnt know that flick option would go to card view.. sweet..
  19. Larson's Avatar
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    They won't do the center button for phone turn-on -- too easy to activate in pocket, etc.

    Although along with the proximity sensor, maybe that could work...?
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    do you guys use up and down gestures?

    up over the scroll button puts in card view
    down over scroll button puts back in full mode

    i've been doing up to card view and then quick up to close. and just for fun, you can 'bounce' the card into full view. just slide the card into the gesture area quickly.
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