View Poll Results: How do you get to the dashboard?

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  • I use the Flick Up gesture.

    64 60.95%
  • I use the center button.

    35 33.33%
  • I didn't know you could get to the dash with a flick gesture.

    6 5.71%
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    I haven't used the down motion, didn't know that worked.
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    the flick up for me doesn't seem to work all the time
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    Quote Originally Posted by pullbangdead View Post
    Flick up.

    Related question: To close the launcher, do you flick up again, or do you flick down?

    It's about half and half for me so far, as to whether I flick up or down to close the launcher, depending on where my thumb is I reckon.
    I flick up for open and close. Sometimes down, but mostly up.
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    I use the up flick almost every time. Would be very happy if they made up flick ALWAYS go to launcher and left the back gesture on the lowest page or the center button bring it back to card view.
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    I use both depending on my mood .
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    i use the flick. so they should get rid of the launch button on the quicklaunch or at least be to enable it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Larson View Post
    They won't do the center button for phone turn-on -- too easy to activate in pocket, etc.

    Although along with the proximity sensor, maybe that could work...?
    You would still have to unlock it...which wouldn't work in a case or a pocket. The button isn't EASY to press down gotta put considerable force downward on the button. It should at least be an option...they copied a lot of stuff from the iPhone/iPod Touch...might as well copy another one to make the transition easier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrkalel View Post
    I use flick, for less wear and tear on the button
    Sorry, that makes no sense whatsoever. Did you mean that you use the button to reduce wear on the screen?
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    I'm going to start using the flick. I have been using the button. Maybe less pressing on screen too.
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