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    Quote Originally Posted by ttremblay View Post
    Woa, never seen that site. Indexed is awesome.
    +500,000% on that!
    << My command as we escape Palm HQ with a new Pre 3>>.

    Treo 300 >> Treo 600 >> Treo 650 >> Treo 755 >> Instinct >> Pre- >> TouchPad
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kupe View Post
    There will always be "bi-curious" Formula 1 fans.

    Here's my Venn diagram attempt at explaining whatever Ed Colligan meant by the Pre's target market - the infamous "Fat Middle" - which I posted here early on in the frenzy trying to make sense of it all.

    Finally, if you want the pinnacle of social charting, Venn diagram or otherwise, you have to check out Indexed.
    According to your diagram, every Pre user is former iPhone or BlackBerry user. I feel slighted. I'm neither. Does that mean that you've finally discovered a reson I have to take mine back?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronlongo View Post
    Just one of the many problems I have with it. I'm a logician by education and profession. Work with Venn Diagrams. This diagram is about as meaningful as an infant scrambling magnetic letters on a refigerator.
    Hmm, actually, unlike this diagram, I believe there is a chance, however remote, an infant may produce something meaningful.
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