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    Well, went in to the store today and the Sprint rep told me they werent doing exchanges on the pre right now so idk
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    Just take it back and get your money back. Then wait till the bugs are worked out. Once you return it, you are stuck with it and the contract. The second time, you don't have 30 days to get your money back. Sprint got me like that..

    ..a while back, I got a recent released phone on a 3rd line to check if the signal was good at my house. But when I got it home the phone did not hold a charge for more than 10 seconds I took it back and sprint gave me another the second one home to find out that the signal was worst than any phone I ever had back to the sprint store to get my money back but was disappointed to find out that you can't return a phone after the second time regardless of the situation ..I was pissed! That policy is on the back of the receipt in small writing. I was stuck with the phone and the 2 year contract.
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    yea build quality is going to be the death of Palm. They better get themselves in check, one recall or defective outbreak could really put the hurt on the Pre's reputation and future success.
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