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    I'm having this problem too. Started on my home network. The key is correct. I know because entering an IP address manually works fine. When "Automatic IP settings" is on in the WiFi config app, I can't get an IP. At home, where I administer the network, I just reserved an IP in the router, configured it manually on the phone, & all's well.

    However, at work, where I *don't* administer the network, this just started happening. I guess I could poach IP's, but the network's likely to stomp on me at some point.

    Other devices seem to be able to get DHCP assigned IP's just fine on either network. More than likely, it's the Pre's fault.

    Does anyone have a clue what's causing this?
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    Had this problem a while ago.. try to turn off the 'stay on in sleep mode' in the wifi prefs on the phone.. it helped me..
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    I just had my phone replaced, and my old phone(pre) worked fine. On my new phone it will not connect to my wifi at home. Has anyone been able to fix this?
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