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Regular chargers work just fine with the Pre. I have used at least 5 of them.

If you need a MiniUSB to MicroUSB converter I have used part # SKN6252 and it works 100%.

If you need a USB cable I have used part # SKN6238A and it works just great.

Any USB based charger that produces at least 500mA will work though you will need at least 1Ah for a full speed charge. You can pick up any Blackberry charger and the SKN6252 converter cable for a low cost and very high quality home or car charger.
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I tried out a generic USB wall wart originally designed for a Ipod with output of 750 maH, works fine with my pre and the original std USB to micro USB cable. As long as the wall converter outputs enough mAH, it will be fine.
This is not necessarily true. I found that I was NOT able to charge the Pre at all with an 850 mA OEM Motorola charger that came with my Q9c while using the MiniUSB to MicroUSB adapter described above. This adapter has worked great for charging and data transfer over USB, however.

With the chargers, I think it's trial and error. Rocketfish car charger presented issues as well, even with Palm Pre labeled on the box...