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    Quote Originally Posted by GadgetThug View Post
    Hahaah. I don't know what you do on your phones but my curve lasts for days.
    Agreed. I don't use a Curve now but when I did, the battery lasted much longer than the Pre. Now the Storm, that thing stinks and the battery sucked.

    I still haven't taken back my Pre. I'm now thinking of having Sprint just give it another number and seeing if any updates come out before I actually take it back. It's so shiny and pretty, I don't want to take it back...haha
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    I use a Curve 8900 for work. I love the device. The most recent BB phones are very media-centric and there are tons of consumer apps available at Mobihand and Handmark, as well as RIM's app world.

    I actually need my 8900 right now to listen to Audible books until some form of player comes out for the Pre. I've tried Sling and Audible on the trial of Classic I installed, and I can't get either to work. There's a Sling app for the 8900 when I'm on WiFi.

    I love the modern, sleek feel of the Pre, though. I just need apps and more functionality to the core OS. Oh, and EAS on a non-SSL server would be nice, as well. I'm not giving up on the Pre.

    There is no way anyone is getting "days" of use on the most recent BB devices, even at minimal use. No way. Period. If I didn't use my 8900 at all, it would drain within 2-3 days...with NO use.
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    longtime sprint blackberry user. i came from the 8330 and am close to going back. i have tried several phones to get a better mobile internet experience, and this is better at that. Unfortunately the email client just isnít up to speed and I am growing tired of constantly opening the keyboard to type. I type a lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1PTUser View Post
    You can do hot keys for speed dials. I'll have to check to see app lauches can be done too.
    im aware of the speed dials....
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    but no what i mean with bb's is like, r took you to alarm, k locked the keyboard, o went to options....not possible on pre as we have universal search! it might find the prog, but you have to hit it on the screen...which is ok...just not the same
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    I was a blackberry curve user for a few years before I went to Verizon to get the Storm. I've been using it sense day 1. The phone is not nearly as bad as a lot of people say it is, but I will say the OS is bland, boring functional but it has no flares and its mostly clumsy. I have picked up the Pre and I'm not looking back. The problem with the Storm was that RIM only focused on the hardware and basically just ported the blackberry os to it, with zero thought on using the touch screen. Its not a bad phone, but its no where near the iPhone, G1, Pre level. Maybe thats why I've never seen a review of a phone use the Storm as a comparison.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NutritionN View Post
    There is no way anyone is getting "days" of use on the most recent BB devices, even at minimal use. No way. Period. If I didn't use my 8900 at all, it would drain within 2-3 days...with NO use.
    On my Bold I think I can get a couple of days use but charge it everyday so I don't notice much of a battery drain. I will say that one day of heavy use and the battery level dips to where I'm always checking it.

    The Pre dropped faster and I found myself always looking to charge it.
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    I have used a Pearl 8100 for the last 2 years. The main reason I've been really wanting to switch is that my trackball hasn't worked well for sideways scrolling for months.

    I'll miss the form factor...compared to the Pre it's like it's not even in my pocket. I'll also miss the true push email and the snappiness of the email program. And the notification light. And the only game I play on the phone (Ka-Glom). I'll also miss all the features (like ringer/notification profiles) and the polish of the OS.

    I won't miss: BBM, I tried using it for awhile but it got to a point where it became very unreliable and I stopped using it. Craptacular web browser. Dinky, low-res screen. The very ho-hum user experience. The crappy camera.

    What I WILL miss most of all is the battery life. Actually I'm not sure I will miss it. My T-Mobile contract isn't up until the end of this week and I still carry my Pearl with me everywhere. I'm seriously considering returning the Pre until Palm works out some of the more annoying bugs/missing features and (most importantly) does something about the terrible battery life when you don't have a perfect signal.
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    Oh yes, I agree that any BB device gets much better battery life than other smartphones. But I think some users get carried away with the "days" or "weeks" of life they can go on a single charge with their BlackBerry.

    Maybe on some of the older models, but the current devices are doing a lot more and pushing the battery drain.

    Yes, I can definitely go a full day of heavy use on the 8900 without draining the battery completely.
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    The 8330 can go for days... I might stop charging it to see if I can make it through the weekend. lol

    The pre? Forgetaboutit. It dropped 5% while I was typing this post...
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    The screen on the 8900 if definitely not low res.
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    I left AT&T and my BlackBerry Bold for the Pre. I love the Pre's screen and browsing capabilities. I miss the Bold's keyboard though. Because I was on BIS and not the corporate BES I missed out on a lot of the BlackBerry's magic. The Pre handles my level of email perfectly for me and is less intrusive than my BlackBerry, which I'm really enjoying. I also believe the Pre and WebOS will take off very soon, with tons of third-party apps in the wings. Another thing I'm enjoying is paying $60/month with Sprint and the Pre instead of almost $100/month on AT&T and BIS.

    The combo of touchscreen and physical keyboard is a winner for me. And if I miss my BlackBerry, I can always jump on an 8350i with Sprint and keep the same plan I have now. It includes BlackBerry BIS.
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    I've had blackberries for just about as long as there have been blackberries. When switching from my 7920 to a WinMo (T-Mobile MDA) is was blown away by the stylus touch screen. Bubble breaker was awesome, but everything else sucked. When I switched to Verizon, I went with the Pearl. There is something about BB software that just made it easy to use (or so I thought). Something can always seem easy to use when it is the best of the options presented. I moved to a Curve 8330 then on to a Storm. I must say with the beginning of trackball BB's the OS just got more and more convoluted. Like they were trying to make an OS do something that it was never designed to do. My curve was still the best BB I've ever owned. I could go for about a day and half, maybe two if used lightly. My storm was the worst BB I ever owned. Now owning a Pre and having a few days under my belt with it I will admit I still think it is the best PHONE I've ever owned. I love using it and everything truly is so simple on it. I have no regrets about leaving BB. So much so that I said last year as I was tracking the Storm's release I would really love for BB to come out with a Portrait Slider touch. I'm not a touch keyboard kinda guy. Thanks Palm, you have given me the best phone ever.

    Also, I get a good day's use out of my Pre. I would say the Pre's battery life is exactly the same as my Storm's
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    Yes I switched from the BB storm. Let me just life is now complete. Thank you Palm Pre!
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    Well after reading the article on the front page and so on about the phone coming to verizon in January, I may as well wait. I was willing to break my contract too.

    Thanks for the input though guys!
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    I don't consider the Storm a real BB.
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    Guys you are comparing Blackberries and Iphones to Pre, these phone have been out for while and have the bugs fixed out of them, how can you compare then to a baby, who cant even crawl yet, come guys think what you are doing here, give Pre few months to grow then see what is going.
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    Anyone hearing anything about a spellchecker?
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    I don't fully understand a lot of what people consider issues or bugs with the Pre. Ive had an iphone and windows mobile phones, as well as a few Blackberrys and the at launch has been by far the most solid for me.
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    I was useing the bb 8330 from sprint. I actually took it out of the old box today to look at it. I like my pre so much more. I loved my bb but my pre is just so smooth. Now if we can just get the bugs fixed and hopefully my screen doesnt crack like ive been reading so much about. I do miss the voice dial that my bb had. I hope they get one out for the pre soon.
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