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    So myself and my wife have two SERO plans. We both want PREs and will be looking to get an ED family plan.

    She is eligable for a full 2yr upgrade. I am not eligable for a 1yr ($75) upgrade until July 1st.

    What is the best way to maximize the discounts on the cost of two new PREs. Most likely I will be converting my wife's plan to an ED Family and i'll just add a line.

    I guess the issue is figuring out what the cost of my PRE would be without an upgrade. I could just convert her line to a family and add a new line of service on her account to get two new upgrade pre prices. But then I would have to sell or transfer my SERO line. I probably won't have an issue having somebody take over my SERO plan, but I NEED to be able to keep my phone number.

    Thoughts? Anyone been in the same boat? What did you do? TIA.

    I'd call Sprint but i'd probably get 10 different answers from 10 different CSRs.
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    As far as the phone goes, i would wait until July 1st for the full upgrade. It is a lot of money and you'll have 1 pre to see if its right for both of you.

    My wife and i are on the SE family 1500. with a 23% corp. discount. Brings the bill down to ~$105 / month after taxes. I think thats a great price for what we get.
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    July 1st is only a 1yr upgrade. I heard people here aren't getting any upgrade discounts off the PRE for only a 1yr upgrade. The 2yr contract ends July 2010.
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    Here's my story:

    Last July I lusted after the Instinct, but my contract wasn't up until November. However, my wife was due for a full upgrade. The wheels began turning and I asked the Sprint rep if I could get a phone under her contract and then transfer it to my number.

    Here's the deal: the fine print says that the rebates and discounts are only valid after the phone has been activated on that line for 30 days. After a month I could do what I want with it. Before then, all deals are off and it's full price. The balance would show up on the bill.

    So I asked her if she wanted to "hold" my phone for 30 days and then we'll switch it over. She had a POS Sanyo so she was game to give it a go. Good girl. But then she fell in love with the phone over a month, and thankfully I fell out of love with it.

    It worked out in the end, but it's hard to beat the Family Share 1500. Works out to $65/month/phone.

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