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    has anyone noticed that after it has charged the battery icon is green and stays that way for a short while, then turns grey? is that because the battery has fallen past 95 90% or something? anyone know?

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    I have noticed it too, I think it should be turning grey only after like 50% or so. Bug?
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    Bug is a bit strong of a word. It could be a bug if the developers intended something different, but we don't know that. Further the color isn't really affecting anything, nobody's loosing data because of it, the phone isn't shutting off, etc..

    Ideally the battery would stay charged at a high level for much longer than it does in which case it would be green for much longer.
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    This is under icons in the help app on the phone. Over 90% green, 89-20 grey and under 20 is red.
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    Also just found it on page 38 of the User's Manual. Says it's green when full, red when low.

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