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    Here is my story.

    I have two lines. I qualified for the $75 upgrade while my wife's line had the $150 credit. Store wanted to charge me $350 on my line. On my wife's line the pre costs $200. However she didn't want the phone. In a nutshell, I upgraded the wife's phone and got a new family plan. Once I got home I activated her old phone and put the pre on my line. It was such a hassle trying to explain the situation with the sales people. Since I was getting a new family plan it should not matter who gets the pre.
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    Agreed - as long as one of the lines qualifies I don't see why you wouldn't be able to swap ESNs and have the Pre activated on your line.

    I think the Sprint people have been so "warned" about everything Pre prior to the release that they are afraid to do anything outside of the expected.

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