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    Hey all,

    I may be lucky enough to grab a Pre in the next few days, while out of town... But my questions is about interactions with Windows. I thought I seen it was compatible with XP and Vista only. I know I should be running XP, but I am still running 2000 on my laptop. I plan on this being the main Pre/PC team. Is this possible. Had anyone use the Pre on a 2000 machine... I hate to have to update to XP, as I have a few apps, that are membership only and can only be used on the one machine that it is installed on... and there is a charge to change it.. I guess I can wait til the next re-up on my subscription and do it then....

    Any input would be great tho!!
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    That is just my play computer... And the one I use for my stuff. The wife and kids get the good one!!! lol. I just use this one to surf and run a few programs for work... It would have had XP, but 2000 was all I had laying around at the time.. I currently use my centro to tether to it, and the pre would need to do this too (at least when its available).

    And BTW - the Pre does have more power than the
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    You really, really should upgrade that OS. Windows 2000 is a security nightmare. It's got more holes than XP and Vista put together, and none of them are being patched any more.
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    If you're still running 2000, your Pre will probably have a faster CPU and more RAM

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