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    Just saw this article on betanews...not sure if this was mentioned anywhere

    According to Sprint's CSO:

    "We spoke with Sprint Chief Service Officer Bob Johnson about the new phone and the carrier's rollout plans starting Saturday. Here are the takeaways:

    -- Johnson said that data tethering is possible with the Palm Pre and said that Sprint -- unlike Verizon and AT&T which charge extra -- will allow customers to connect it to their laptops in order to surf the Web over Sprint's 3G network. However, this information conflicts with what we have heard elsewhere (Engadget was told the opposite), so we are following up. Sprint initially advertised data tethering as a feature of the Pre in February, but soon removed the reference."

    direct link:

    betanews . com/article/Sprint-CSO-Palm-Pre-data-tethering-will-be-possible-iTunes-feature-may-break/1244267401
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