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    So, after returning my pre the first day of use because of the over heating issue, I truly regret doing it. I should of just waited for my replacement phone. It's just so hard to not have a pre. I loved that phone, apart from the issues I had, it was the best. Anyways, I did the whole return in 30 day thing. Well I was talking to a sprint rep. online asking how long Id have to wait to come back to sprint even after making that return. She said I could come back now. It doesn't make sense though but, hopefully it's true. When I first signed up I didnt have to put down a security deposit, do you think that the second time around they most likely will?

    I plan on coming back, to get the pre. But I will wait it out a few weeks, when more become available and when their is less talk of some of these hardware issues.

    Even with out having a pre anymore, I am on this site constantly still, reading threads and what not, and missing what I had lol. I feel like a little kid who was never picked to play kickball while everyone else is having fun together. .

    this post makes no sense but, just thought it was interesting that your eligible to come back right away after returning.
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    there will be no deposit to come back

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