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    When browsing to my browser shows a white page (although it sometimes appears after the first connection attempt - following attempts fail). Any page I try to browse to following this will not load until I close the browser and wait a bit. I've done this on two Pre's - is this happening to anyone else?
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    Happens to me occasionally but rarely. No idea what's going on.
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    Happens to me too.
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    Just tried again today and no problems.
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    i have this same problem every couple days!
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    I spoke too soon . Just happened again.
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    Holy crap, I think this is the problem that has occurred with both my pre's. I thought it maybe was my EVDO cutting out and not allowing me to do anything else even when I switch over to wifi, but if this is the case, screw that website. My pre has basically been non functional for the past couple days and maybe this is the solution I have been looking for. Thanks

    Update: This is definitely the cause of my phone screwing up and some words of advice: Do not, I repeat, do not go to this website--unless you want to restart your phone every time you do
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    I switched phones yesterday and my new Pre has the same problem. Very weird.
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    I've found that digg sucks so bad that when combined with the pre's slick surface it just slides into the bit black hole. LOL
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    Man, this problem is bumming me out. Digg isn't a deal breaker but it sucks that I can't view it on my Pre because it's my main time-waster. I especially want it to work since there aren't any games.
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    For me, this is just one more reason never to visit Digg.
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    It happens to plenty of sites besides digg. It has to do with a java script error and the phone staying in an endless loop since there doesn't seem to be a properly set time out period.
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    Alternatively, I use this...

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