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    I'm going to post random things I notice about the pre on this forum. Hopefully it will be stuff that hasnt been discussed before. Each day I learn something new (bad and good) about the way the pre works. Hopefully someone can compare my notes to some of the things they discover. With that said here things I noticed.

    * no flash
    * no file explorer function
    * docs / pdf automatically fit the screen when sizing (pinching) nice touch!
    * slider is somewhat difficult to open because of slickness of the phone
    * I sometimes get confused on which side of the pre is up because of the nobs on both sides
    * copy/paste is great after you figure out how to use it.
    * no select all text function
    * don't like the USB charge door. i want to break it
    * can't view text files
    * no bluetooth file transfers
    * webos is fast
    * universal search is awesome
    * need to be able to add/delete options in universal search (i.e. sprint navigation)
    * Fandango app is awesome. includes trailers
    * can't change default view of tasks. for some reason you have to create a heading then the actual task
    * can't hangup 3rd party in conference call. only end all.
    * help is great. includes videos.
    * camera quality is actually good. well i havent sent the file to desktop yet to see if it isnt just nice on the phone
    * having the pre mount on mac os using the usb is great
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    * where is the tab key?

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