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    ok since the PRE use the same webkit engine browser as the Iphone we have a lot of games and applications that are available. i had been using some of them with my htc touch (using the iris browser).
    lets get a thread started on good apps and games. here are mine so far
    iPhone Games - DuckHunt
    MyNuMo - Darts
    iblocks like tetris make sure you don't double tap cause you auto zoom in
    jewel drop like bejeweled
    Jewel Drop

    Quran. make sure you change to english in the preferences
    Holy Quran

    streaming sites that work with PRE ive tested all of them
    old time radio
    has stuff like war of the worlds, dragnet. let it do its thing it will open a new card then the streaming player. it will seam like it stalled out but will play
    Wayback Radio - Old Time Radio Programs - OTR - Old Time Radio Programs for your Iphone - Old Time Radio Programs on your Iphone - Streaming Old Time Radio
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    Xposted from my thread on here. Might be nice to have it all in 1 place.

    Games: New Web-Based Games Available From Playscreen | Pre Insiders
    Cellufun Cellufun Direct Link Game Application List | Pre Insiders

    Both of those will give you direct URL's to the games so you can easily bookmark the page and use it as a directory.

    And then Apple's webapp list:

    Borrowing From The iPhone - Hundreds Of Web Apps That Will Work On The Pre | Pre Insiders

    Tons of stuff on there, web apps, games, utilities, social networking, news, etc.

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    found some other sites that stream video (adult)
    BootyFix: YouTube Video Submissions (you need a account)
    Free sex videos, Sex tube, Free porn movies - (this doesnt like the javascript makes the page look jacked up turn it off find the video you want then just click download to mobile phone and it will start streaming by itself

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