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    The blackberry Storm... with MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars pumped into advertising.. sold out first day with stores getting 5 to 40 units each.. the rest went to telesales as the employees punched your info in... Any units that were bought after 1pm est (that's when the northeast systems went down for verizon) you didn't get your Blackberry Storm till 15-20 days later!!! thats when the second shipment went out... TONS of hardware defects, slow and laggy software, CONSTANT crashes. There is a HUGE gap around the touchscreen, full of dust.. and EVERY unit has light bleed near the buttons... on the message boards.. a majority of people are on their 3rd or 4th units.

    In comparison... Palm and Sprint did a great job, not as many issues.. just a few issues with light bleed (they should return it), and the touchstone issue. Software is MUCH more solid then the Storm was at launch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zoopra9457 View Post
    Yeah. A former Apple Exec.

    Definitely some valid points except that we knew many of the new iPhone features back on March 17.

    As for early adopters being beta testers, that's always a bad idea. Maybe I missed your point there, but a company that I am going to invest money and time into better design and implement features on their own terms and do it correctly the first time.

    Lastly, I hope Palm's advertising completely IGNORES the iPhone. You need to convince the potential customer base that your feature set is what those customers need. Feel free to advertise features that the iPhone doesn't have and why they are important, but don't explicitly state that the iPhone is missing it. You need to convince people that are comparing phones to think that background tasks are important and question anything that doesn't have it.

    Just some thoughts...
    I agree palm should completely ignore the iphone and allow the media to continually do it as they have been.

    As far as the early adopters being Beta Testers: Again "my" theory is that was the purpose behind not marketing the phone. Allow geeks to pick the phone apart, use their feedback and tweek the Os and Apps prior to their big marketing campaign which is rumored to start in two weeks.

    Think about it this way. Most people who have been on the forums or waited in line at 4am are hard core techies. Let's say there are 10% of us complaining about the phone. Well that is pretty darn successful considering the expectations we have, compared to the general population. Now if Palm tweaks the phone based on our findings, the phone is bound to be a bigger hit with the general population.

    If and I say "if" these things come to pass. Palm is either really smart or lucky as hell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kupe View Post
    In Economics 101 the price floats as a result of the interaction of supply and demand curves. In this case the price is fixed (effectively by the competition), so withholding supply isn't increasing demand or price - it's simply annoying potential customers.
    I understand completely that Palm and Sprint is never going to be doing things correctly for you, bu the notion that the price is "fixed" is way off the mark. You already have users stating that it should drop because of what Apple has done with the iPhone. That flies in totally against the reality of the fact that the Pre has essentially sold out.
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