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    So, a a few times since getting my pre on Saturday morning, the touch scree wasn't... "touchable" anymore, not responsive to my touch, no matter what i tried. It's like my phone was frozen. The on/off button wouldn't do anything either. When putting the phone on the touchstone, it would go to "sleep mode" and the battery would charge but i was still unable to use the phone, place a call, etc. Eventually, it just comes back to life without me doing anything. Just starts randomly working again.
    Now starting yesterday (monday) my phone screen went all black momentarily as i'm trying to place a phone call. Worst: the screen has been black for the last half hours. My display is dead. I tried taking the battery out to restart it, i get the initial "palm" white work on my screen but nothing else. No display. My husband called me, and we could hear the ring but no screen.
    HELP anyone? Did it happen to someone else? What should i try to fix this? Did i just get a lemon? HELP!
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    you, sadly but clearly, have a defective unit. Take it back for one that works properly
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    I just did... Took it back, and now i have to wait until they get more in stock... I'm a bit mad, and disappointed, but i'm giving the pre a second chance...

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