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    Not to nit-pick, but wouldn't a option for reading email on the Pre be to just slide the keyboard out? That way you don't have to press power and then slide to unlock. Also if you are doing a bunch of emailing the email app will be running and then you'll be ready to respond with the keyboard.
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    I believe what he is referring to is that if your Pre screen timed out and is off, the screen will not come back on to alert you that a new message has arrived unless you are receiving a call. Other than the new call indication your device will not alert you to a new notification. The device will alert you via sound or vibration but you only get one of each so if you have your phone on silent you will not be alerted at all.
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    I am aware of the option to have notifications show when the screen is locked and I always had that option enabled. The issue is does the screen turn on to let you know that you have just received a new notification after the phone has been idle. I no longer have the Pre so I can't confirm it one way or another but I am sure somebody will chime in. Basically on the Pre even if the screen did turn on with a new notification it would turn back off shortly thereafter so if you weren't looking at the phone when the screen turned on, you would not be aware of a new notification.
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    That is a very good and fair review. I too have come from an 8330 Curve and I feel like I gave up some functionality to use the Pre. While I am not as heavy a user as you are, I use the Pre mainly for business where I handle a few hundred emails a day. I know it's not fair to compare the Pre to my Curve since the Curve was on our BES, but even so the Pre did not seem to get the emails when they arrived on my desktop client. I got better results with "every 5 minutes" on the Pre but I had to wait... well 5 minutes.

    I think the Pre has A LOT of potential so I will be riding it out.
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