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    Quote Originally Posted by akula34 View Post
    I was VERY disappointed. I had already contacted a developer to develop two webOS programs for my Pre for my business.
    I'd give it 6 months to a year. Thank god for S|P and the 1-year upgrade or otherwise I'd go crazy!
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    My first post here. I registered because of this thread.

    I really appreciate the OP's review. I've been getting caught up in the hype that is the Pre. I'm one of those folks on the SERO plan and have been considering giving it up for the Pre. I've read so much, visit a Sprint store to handle a Pre, and watch so much video online that my head is spinning.

    I'm a college teacher and also run a consulting business. I use my phone (HTC Mogul) to keep in contact with clients and students via phone, email and texting. Synergy has been drawing me to the Pre, but I believe that a Blackberry may be the right phone for me. Other than phone, email and texting, the sync'd up Outlook calendar are the only must haves. I do like the idea of pulling in Google calendars though as my band keeps a gig schedule in Google.

    Anyway, the battery life concerns me. While I love the look and feel of the Pre, it does seem fragile. The sharp contour/edge seems like a serious design flaw. To leave SERO will cost me an extra $40 per month. I'm just not sure that the Pre is there yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quiksilver View Post
    It appears to me that Palm has moved their priority into the personal use side of the smart phone spectrum.


    This doesn't make the pre a bad phone or palm a bad company. it just means that they are focusing their efforts in a different demographic.
    I think you're absolutely correct, and I think it's a smart move. MacNamee talked about the consumer market moving to smartphones (due to decreased costs in processor power) in his FOX interview, and it makes sense to me. Why fight to break into the corporate world that's already stacked against you (what enterprise admin wants to support an unproven new platform, even if it's got a 'cool' new phone) when you have a developing consumer market?

    The attempt at EAS support is great (though seemingly botched) and I'm glad Palm is keeping their mind open, but I just don't believe this device was developed for the business market.
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    I am a long time lurker and not a fan-boy of any phone out there.
    I have had a iphone, mogul, htc touch pro, treo 755 etc..and to be honest they all lack something. Nothing!! i repeat no phone out there is perfect or even close to being 75% functional. All phones have a growing pain curve you either live with or don't. And the pre is no exception. The new Iphone will have just as many problems. I have seen the beta phone and it will have the same fire storm of glitches as anything else.

    What most Business owners want is a net book in phone form. I know because i am one. Yes these devices are getting better and better, and maybe when the 1ghz snap dragons drop stateside, phones will be able to do what we need them to do. Also does anyone read about battery conditioning??? I do it with my laptops all the time and they seem to work.

    And every phone i have had, i have gotten better than advertised battery life. Less than 7-10 days is just not enough time to do the necessary conditioning. I am tied to my phone as much as the next person. everything runs through my phone. Living in Los Angeles does help with reception, as i dont have the problems most people have with signal strength and drops etc..

    I am waiting on my pre to show up in the next day or two. I like the key board and the contact management system seems to work just fine. i always have my BT head set on me or some type of corded head set so i never really miss anything. battery life is a bummer but any phone using that many options will have a short battery life. Its why almost all my associates have 2 or 3 hot spares. Its just te cost of doing business in today's world. So it may not be the best offering out there. But compared to what is out there it is pretty impressive. And it has a real key board in a small factor.

    As the most important factor with any phone is the phone being able to make calls. The ones i have used worked flawlessly. I dont care about music or watching TV. i have my Cowon and Kuro for that. The scrolling is better than on any phone i have seen or used so far. So its not a total waste for SBO to have one or use one. The device has its limitations like anything else on the market today and coming in the next 6 months.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 700p over PRE View Post
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    How can anyone take you remotely serious when even your username is trolling...
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    Excellent review. Thanks for taking the time doing this. My phone is on vibrate from 4:30 AM when I leave the house until 5:00 PM that I get home. I would not be able to make it throughout the day without a good vibrate. That right there is a killer for me. The battery is also a huge issue. I plan to do the same and take a look at it again maybe by the end of the year.

    Thanks again!
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    business wise i understand what Palm is doing.. and why. This phone is all that you said.. no email search!!! what? not having full integration with outlook calendar?

    and if you actually go to look around the phone and customize it you can't! Obviously Palm wants this phone to work, so they modeled it after iPhone.. for the "masses" the masses aren't that bright.

    About the battery... they get better with time. Since i have a blackberry storm i learned the hard way about batteries. I let it drain to almost dead after i got it off the box.. then put it on the charger for 8 hours. After a full sunday with wifi ON and not on charger and very little use.. i was at 47% from 8am to 11pm. Also if you have a poor signal the phone tries really hard to find one and kills the battery, and hotmail DESTROYS the battery.. get rid of hotmail if you were using it.

    BUT this phone will be a success and i just know Palm will have a more business oriented AND designed phone in the wings! I'd say 1 year from now a business oriented WebOS phone will come out.. and by then the phone will have matured greatly. Right now it's really not for business. But it will be soon.

    again... i've been on this board since treo 650..
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    As a business owner I too use my phone extensively every day, I zoom from customer's home to customer's home all day. On the phone quite a bit, emailing, texting, websurfing all day. I must say my experience with the PRE is quite different than the OP's.

    I leave my phone on vibrate all day, and have yet to miss a phone call, it vibrates three times, multiple times so yo u know it is a call coming in, a vibrates once for text messages and emails.

    I was concerned with the battery life on Saturday when it seemed to be sucked down way too fast, but Sunday was a little better, Monday was decent, and yesterday by the end of the day 8:30-9:00, I still had 36% left. I was quite impressed!! I believe it takes a few days to get the battery conditioning working right, I also turned location services to ask first, and turned GPS off.

    My smartphones that I have owned are the Moto Q, Q9C, Htc Touch, Htc Diamond, and Htc Touch Pro, and I must say....that the PRE blows them all away!!

    The non intrusive notifications is amazing!! Being able to have several apps running at the same time and going from your calendar to email to web to your contacts to your phone screen revolutionizes how you can use your phone, I am quite impressed for a 1.0 phone.

    The one thing that I am looking forward to is the capability of using your calendar and being able to click on a phone number that you have put in the notes to automatically call, (i was using ThumbCal for Windows Mobile, which would allow you to call that way),
    Other than that, I am very pleased with using my PRE for business purposes.
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    Thanks for the fair and honest review. Like you, I have found myself in the same boat and went back to my BlackBerry yesterday. I'm not as demanding on my phones as you are so found myself disagreeing with you on some aspects. But, we all seem to have particular 'quirks' about the Pre that make us love it, hate it or rationalize it.

    For me, it all came to a head yesterday. The biggest gripe is not being able to sync my work Exchange because we don't use SSL (yes, I know, I seem to complain about this in every single one of my posts). But, I really like the Pre. So I setup a gmail account and have a copy of every work email sent to it. I also carry my iphone (which is synching to Exchange) in case I need to send or reply to emails. I know I can set a reply to email in gmail but people would still see the gmail address (I tried it). So, now I'm carrying two phones. I've been doing this since the release and it wasn't a big deal till I was out of the office all day yesterday. It was just to much to deal with all because I wanted to use the Pre.

    One positive is that I've gotten much better at typing on the iphone!

    I like the phone so much that I was creating all these work-arounds in the hope that an OTA update was going to correct them. On top of that, I ported my number from at&t and was starting to get nervous that I was going to drop or break the Pre before I had the opportunity to return it.

    I've written up a review that I'll post a link to later. Basically, my hope is that the Pre or another WebOS device will come out on at&t later and I'm definitely going to watch for it and see how they've improved things...cause I know they will.

    I survived the initial launch of the iphone and the first BlackBerry Bold and have seen how OS updates really improved both devices. Just couldn't wait for them on the Pre this time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by realistdreamer View Post
    As for the multiple steps, search, etc., I expect that to get fixed in OTA updates. Some soon, some later and some through 3rd parties. Garnet had the same issues, but was made with more customization in mind. That's always been the difference between the original Palm and Apple.
    I think Garnet had some other issues and it was a PDA OS long before it made it to smartphones. The important point is though that the Pre was not produced by the orignal Palm, it was produced by a new Palm that has had a large injection of Apple DNA and who has laid off many of the old PalmOS developers and stopped most support for PalmOS (they just killed Chattermail for example). The new Palm is not as different from Apple as the old Palm was. It remains to be seen how quickly Palm addresses issues with WebOS and how much third party developers are able to fill in the gap. It will be an interesting six months until a GSM WebOS device is available.
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    The following can be fixed

    Vibrate: This is where I need Palm to shine.
    Check out the HACK

    Usability: Universal Search is not universal.
    Again it will be an app or a HACK.
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    Thank you for the detailed and balanced real-world review. {ProfJonathan}
    Prof. Jonathan I. Ezor
    Writer, PreCentral
    Past Palm Real Reviewer
    @webOSquire on Twitter
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    Battery issue can be fixed too.
    If you want an hour more juice SIEDIO is selling the
    1350mAh battery ,its not much but better than 1100 mAh.

    Your keyboard issue is something not fixable at all, unless you hook up an external keyboard
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    But your review was fair.
    I agree with most of what you wrote , and I miss my 800W.
    I used to make calls , check email with keyboard shortcuts. on that little phone.
    Not anymore.
    Regarding abusing the phone , I did many a time tossed 800W in the car.
    That thing was built like a tank.
    With Pre , I carry the pouch all the time, I didn't like it.
    I wish they make a pre with a larger keyboard and military specs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SedahDrol View Post
    Sounds like you need to wait for the Eos if you like webOS
    That's what I was thinking too..
    Fair review though.
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    You'll be happy to know that I'm working on an app to add speed keys in. Unfortunately it's still not going to be quite as great as they were in Palm OS but I have some other great ideas for increasing the ease of program access. I've developed dgQuick Cut for Android platforms and that does wonders for jumping back and forth between different app sand responding to messages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treobk214 View Post
    Dude, you take this WAAAAAAYYYYY too seriously. Its like you think I'm flaming your girlfriend or something.

    Do us all a favor, and relaxxxxxx.

    This is not YOUR forum. I've been here since the treo 300. I'm going to post whatever I want here.

    Deal with it.
    So you've had the Pre all this time and are running it through its paces? You know, so you will be better able to make accurate and informed anti-Pre rants. Certainly you can't know so much about how bad the Pre is from that 10min you spent with it attached to the security tether at the store can you?

    Well at least you brought you side kick iPhoneOverPre along to thank you 53 times since joining the forum today. If that doesn't spell plant I don't know what does. Credibility = 0
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    Quote Originally Posted by akula34 View Post

    The amount of presses or taps to accomplish items is also on the high side (though better than Apple.) I'll give you an example (my use of a Pre compared to a Blackberry Curve):

    Email arrives. (Assume email program is RUNNING on Pre.)
    1. Phone vibrates or dings (only once, not customizable yet...)
    2. Remove from case.
    3. Press power button (If off...)
    4. Swipe to unlock.
    5. Click on notification.
    6. Wait for email to load.

    1. Phone vibrates or dings (fully customizable vibrate and sound)
    2. Remove from Holster.
    3. Wait for email to load. (Magnet activates the recent message and auto-opens it.)
    While appreciate your tone and attempt at writing an objective review, it seems to me your leaving a whole lot out of your review of this thing as a business tool.

    Your "apples-to-apples" comparison includes a third-party app on the BB? That's hardly objective.

    I don't run my own business (although I have in the past) but I do work for a firm that requires I be available just about around the clock, so my electronic leash is critical to my livelihood.

    As someone who has used a BB for the last three years and now owns a Pre here are the steps it takes on each device from my perspective (as someone who refuses to carry around a phone on a holster):

    1. Phone vibrates or dings
    2. Remove from pocket
    3. Press power button to wake it up
    4. Swipe to unlock
    5. Enter your 4-digit PIN using the big keys on the touchscreen
    6. Select the new email that's already on the card you've left open because you know you need quick access to your emails and also know you can leave cards open (that's, of course, if you actually need to open the email; since there's a preview, you might just read that and stuff the thing back in your pocket without actually opening it)
    7. Read

    1. Phone vibrates or dings
    2. Remove from pocket
    3. Press center button to wake it up
    4. Move the fiddly track ball to select "unlock" (since it's probably moved from there while it's been in your pocket) and hope the trackball is actually working in the down direction which at this point is about 50% of the time
    5. Type in your 5-digit-minimum password using the small keys on the keyboard
    6. Select the email
    7. Read


    8. Pray that it doesn't have an attached Word or PDF document you need to review which requires you to:
    a. Press the center button
    b. Scroll down to Open Attachment on the menu
    c. Select Open Attachment
    d. Select the attachment
    e. Wait for the attachment to load
    f. Zoom in on the attachment (because you can't possible read it) by:
    i. Click on the Menu button
    ii. Scroll down to Zoom
    iii. Select Zoom
    iv. Use the track ball to zoom in
    v. Click to stop zooming, realize that you can't read anything now because the resolution is too low, so:
    vi. Click the menu button
    vii. Select Enhance
    viii. Wait for the enhancement to "load"
    ix. Realize that you can't read an entire sentence when you're zoomed in this far and the only way to get to the other side of the page is to zoom back out
    x. Wait until you get home or into the office so you can view the doc on a computer

    As opposed to the Pre on which you.

    1. Select the attached document
    2. Wait for the attachment to load
    3. Pinch, zoom and swipe as needed to read it

    The only thing BB has got going for it IMO is the blinky red light in case I didn't hear the beep.

    And don't even get me started on the multitasking; what do you do with a BB if you're in the middle of an email and need to get information to complete said email from some other source, as happens to me ALL the time??

    So, yeah - they need to do a little work on the EAS side of things, and battery life needs some tweaking (my BB will go 2 or 3 days on a charge in regular use), but as it stands now, the past two days conducting busines with the Pre as my leash have been way better than any day with my BBs over the past three years. It's not even close.
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