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    As a current owner of a Treo 700wx who is looking to upgrade to the Pre there are some things stopping me from doing so which I hope are worked out in the near future. Before I post what these are I will say that my main concern is that I can't figure out why Palm chose not to include the following which my piddly old 700wx can do. I'm not looking to make any Pre owners or other readers of this post angry, I'm just trying to gain some insight into why Palm chose to overlook some fundamental features.

    First, I don't understand why the Pre isn't capable of recording video. Most phones that are available for free have the ability to record video. Why would the developers choose to put on what looks like such a nice camera and even flash (which the Iphone lacks) and yet leave out the ability to record video?

    Second, why not allow the customization of notifications as I saw was mentioned in the review of the Pre on Precentral? This seems to be such a basic feature that every phone I've had for several years was capable of doing and though it's not the biggest deal it seems odd to not include this.

    Third and most important: Why on earth not include phone as modem capability? I'm sure their are other users out there like myself who pay for and use this regularly on capable phones. I see the recent article that hackers are working on this but for it to not have been included in the first place seems nothing short of frustrating.

    Basically what it comes down to for me is this. There are many areas in which the Pre as well as every other phone could use improvement. In fact I wouldn't list them all because many are listed in the review on this site. However, I can't understand why except for maybe the phone as modem option that the developers would overlook some very basic things. I would've thought that a goal would be to build upon features that people already like and have used for years not take them away. I do understand no phone is perfect and certainly not the first generation of a phone but what I keep wondering is: Is this a simple lack of development or a conspiracy to intentionally not include these things so that they can give people some kind of reason to buy a second generation Pre?
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    The 700wx is a good stable windows phone. The Pre is still real new, more options will come in the future. The tethering option may come in the future, but I am sure Sprint will charge you for it.
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    I am going to briefly touch on your first and second points:

    1) They probably just did not have enough time to go into video recording.

    2) You can customize ringers, you can't customize notification sounds.
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    1: it's been clear for some time that there would be no video at launch, but it is on its way via a software update. the goods are there on the inside, and i don't expect we'll have long to wait.

    2: this is absolutely possible, you can use any (non DRM) mp3 as a ringtone. this feature is included and has been in use on my phone since saturday at 8:40 am.

    3: this is a limitation imposed by sprint, not palm. sprint wants everyone to pay extra for a PAM plan (think it's $15/mo) but the phone is certainly capable of doing PAM. again, i don't expect to have to wait long before this is possible on the pre.

    these things, as well as some other great things probably none of us are expecting, are on the way. no conspiracy in action, sorry to disappoint.
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    They must of have a list of priorities that they were working on before launch. Plus the rumor is that video recording might be coming and I think Sprint is stopping the tethering function, not Palm.
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    I think Palm was really worried what apple had with their new iPhone. I think they purposely left out features only to add them in the upcoming weeks to generate more hype. The same with the flash player.

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    I think it's because they built webOS from scratch and evry little feature takes effort. It is absolutely amazing that they've done so much in just 15 months as I've heard. All of the stuff you mentioned will come, it will just take some time.

    If you can't live without those features, then give webOS another year or so--by then you'll have a lot more functionality from Palm and 3rd party developers.
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    Cool, So far I'm reading a lot of good responses. Thank you for the feedback. My purpose hasn't been to bash the Pre just trying to figure some things out. Most of what I'm hearing from you guys is good cause so far it seems like the phone will be capable of things such as video. As far as phone as modem I'm paying $40 a month extra for it on my 700wx because it's my primary gateway to the internet right now and so it's the biggest issue holding me back from the Pre. It's good to hear that the Pre should be capable of this as well though.
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